Weekly Horoscope for Leo – 23rd Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

This is a fantastic week as far as your relationships are concerned! Romance will be at its peak and there will be a bond of closeness between married couples. Surprises, outings and picnics will spice things up even further! Keep your temper tantrums under control and do not enter into futile arguments and ego clashes. Are you scared of proposing to the one you have been secretly in love with? Don’t be! Just do it and your feelings will be reciprocated! Young bachelors and bachelorettes will get excellent proposals for marriage during this time. Pleasant and loving atmosphere within the family will prevail.

Education and Knowledge

Planetary influences are very positive for students this week! Hard working students will definitely succeed in any competitive exams that they appear for. Students who wish to pursue higher education overseas will also succeed. Students with engineering background will be able to avail admission in any course they desire. There are no shortcuts to hard work. Students are advised against taking their daily revisions slightly. Doing so will certainly have an adverse effect on their result. Try to study in a group and discuss your problems out loud. This will help you remember things much more easily. Remember, confidence is good, overconfidence is not!


There are no major health concerns seen during this week. We recommend that you actively take part in outdoor activities and fun games. This will give vent to all the pent up mental stress. Spend some time doing what you like. Cultivate a garden, drive that bike or just listen to music! Morning jogs and evening walks will also work miracles. Follow a healthy exercise and diet routine. There is a strong probability of you falling prey to seasonal diseases. Abstain from eating junk food and stay hydrated all the time. Do not take your health for granted and take any unnecessary risks during this time.

Money and Finances

You will face the dire need of recovering money from bad debts of the past. Non-recovery from such debts is going to adversely affect your finances. Those involved in the stock market will see moderate profit. Do not take your investments or your money lightly during this week. Keep a systematic account of every penny. Always seek professional advice from a financial consultant prior making any Investments. Everybody needs money! Your friends and relatives are no exception. We strongly recommend that you do not lend any money to anybody during this week. Doing so will only result in severed and relationships.

Career and Business

Do not procrastinate! Delaying your work for unnecessary reasons will hardly benefit you. Do not inculcate this irresponsible nature! You will be presented with lucrative looking job offers or business proposals. We strongly recommend that you neither take up this new job nor start a new business venture during this week. Do not get over stressed by excessive workloads. Be calm and poised. Do not be judgmental of people and situations. Try and avoid company of people who are constantly in the negative frame of mind. Be polite while exchanging your ideas with your superiors at work. Humility is the one thing that will always be rewarded!

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