Weekly Horoscope for Leo – 16th Feb 2020 to 22nd Feb 2020

Weekly Horoscope for Leo –

Love and Relationships

This is the time for young bachelors and bachelorettes to rejoice! Suitable proposals for marriage will certainly come your way. Go on a long drive or an outing with your loved one. This way, you will be able to spend quality time together with each other. This week is equally romantic for married couples as well. You shall both witness your mental and physical bonds strengthening! Romance will be in the air all the time. An exchange of surprises and gifts will certainly spice things up! Those who have been considering proposing their loved one; should do so without further ado! Success is guaranteed!

Education and Knowledge

Planetary influences will remain positive for students throughout the week. There are bright chances of students being awarded with scholarships and other accolades. If you feel you are particularly good in a subject, do not neglect studying it. Doing so will have an adverse impact upon your overall result. It is highly recommended that you follow the advice of your mentors, teachers and professors. Involve yourself in extra-curricular activities more often. This will fill you up with energy and positive enthusiasm! Always have an un-quenching thirst to learn more and more. The horizons of acquiring knowledge are virtually limitless!


Your mental and physical well-being will be in great condition during this week. Your immune system will also be working round the clock; safeguarding you from any health upsets. Mental health is also of the utmost importance. Retaining a healthy mind along with a healthy body is of equal importance. Regular meditation will help you de-stress. Go to the gymnasium as often as you can. It is recommended that you completely refrain from eating junk food to retain sound physical health. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Last but certainly not the least, learn to take occasional breaks! Keep your mind engrossed in activities that you love.

Money and Finances

Do not keep your debts mounting. Try to pay off all your liabilities as soon as you can, otherwise it will certainly land you in severe trouble. As the week progresses, several lucrative opportunities will knock upon your door. Make the most of them! On the one hand, you will see various chances of expanding your business, whereas on the other hand, you will not be able to implement them due to financial crunch. Salaried employees will enjoy a stable in flow of funds. Save money whenever and wherever you can. Always seek advice from a financial consultant before investing your money.

Career and Business

If you have the will, you can accomplish almost anything during this time. Your hard work and diligence will be duly noted and your superiors will be full of appreciation. There are no short cuts to success. You will need to work really hard for everything you want to accomplish. Be consistent with whatever you do. Team work will ensure success for the most difficult looking tasks. Do not get into arguments with either superiors or colleagues at work. This will only lead to hurt feelings and further ego clashes. Keep up with the focus completely upon your work, come what may!

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