Weekly Horoscope for Gemini – 9th Feb 2020 to 15th Feb 2020


Love and Relationships

Bachelors and bachelorettes rejoice! This is the week when you will get excellent proposals for marriage. Those who have been patiently waiting to propose to their love interest can do so during this week. This time is full of romance and intimacy for couples intending to tie the marital knot. They will plan aromantic picnic and spend some quality time together with each other. There are few ups and downs for married couples. You will need to quit complaining and pay more attention towards your partner. Avoid futile ego clashes and arguments at all costs. Such arguments will only cause misunderstandings and a disturbed marital life.

Education and Knowledge 

Students who wish to pursue higher education abroad shall succeed. Such students will get admissions in their desired universities, colleges or institutions. The probability of such students migrating overseas is extremely high. This is also a very favourable time for students who wish to enroll themselves in institutes that offer courses in extra-curricular activities and hobbies. Apart from academics, such students will excel in extra-curricular activities as well. Those preparing for competitive exams will also do outstandingly well! Students should always remember, any advice from their mentors, parents and teachers is worth its weight in gold! Work hard and your stars will favour you!


This week will present you with health related difficulties. Do not neglect small discomforts or sicknesses as they may aggravate and take bigger forms. Whenever necessary, seek medical advice immediately. Routine full body checkup is a good idea. Mind what you eat during this period. Refrain from eating junk foods at all costs to avoid stomach related discomforts. We recommend that you do not travel too much during this time. Postpone business tours if possible. Keep hydrated during all times and avoid consuming aerated drinks. Regular exercise is certainly going to help you in the long run. Regular workouts at the gym will also help you keep fit.

Money and Finances

You will need to keep a tight leash around your expenses this week. Indulging in purchasing unnecessary paraphernalia for luxury will certainly not help you. We recommend that you remember the proverb, ‘every penny saved is a penny earned’. Be it stocks or real estate; do not take any major decisions pertaining to finances during this time. As the weekend approaches, your financial situation will substantially improve. Profits from business will start flowing in. This will help to ease the pressure that you had been feeling. Seek professional advice from a competent person or agency prior in regards to your finances.

Career and Business

You will be faced with several mental dilemmas during this week. Your mental instability shall also noticeably increase. You may be presented with lucrative jobs; but we recommend that you do not change your current job as yet. Changing your job during the current week will only give you more difficulties. Avoid arguing with your superiors or colleagues. You do not necessarily need to argue to prove a point. Try to be as calm as possible during the entire period. There is a distinct possibility that you may be transferred somewhere away from home. Procrastinating will tarnish your reputation. Always try to accomplish all assigned tasks in time.

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