Weekly Horoscope for Gemini – 23rd Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020


Love and Relationships

Your marital life will be sailing smoothly during this week. There may be minor ups and downs, especially during the mid week. The time is particularly good for young bachelors and bachelorettes. They will receive excellent proposals for marriage. Romance will be blooming for you and your love interest! Intimacy and mental bonding will be at its pinnacle. Try to be more understanding towards your partner. If you have been waiting to propose to someone since long, this is the time to do it! If you do it with true feelings and a spice of swag, your proposal will not be rejected!

Education and Knowledge

The blessings of your mentors are with you throughout this week. Students should seek advice from their mentors as much as possible. Try and develop an un-quenching thirst for knowledge. This will certainly benefit you in the long run. Students will need to work hard for upcoming competitive exams. Your hard work will not go in vain and the results will surely astonish you! It is recommended that you study in a group or conduct discussions addressing difficult topics. Students pursuing the technical line of academics may be faced with some minor issues. This is just temporary. There is nothing that hard work cannot overcome!


Planetary influences indicate that you will require to take extra care of your health during this week. Try to avoid negative anxiety and mental stress. Excessive thinking about issues at hand will certainly not help you in any manner. Instead, it will just make matters worse. Try to take it one day at a time. Your immunity will also be negatively affected during this time. You will be easily susceptible to infections. Stick to a strict dietary regime and avoid eating junk food as far as possible. Regular exercise, yoga and meditation are the key mantras during this week. Hang on, this too shall pass!

Money and Finances

This week seems to be very promising on the financial front. You will be blessed with additional income, perks and bonuses! The week is particularly suitable for considering new investment horizons. You will see a considerable amount of profit from your shares and stocks investment. Do not be impatient and sell them yet. Wait for a little more time and see the magic happen! Payments that have been stuck up since long will also be released. This week, the planets are completely in your favour. Take maximum advantage of this and invest wisely. Investment decisions taken during this week are bound to be profitable in the future!

Career and Business

Procrastination is not going to help you during this week. Ignoring small tasks today will result in major issues in the future. Do not be afraid to take up new challenges and surmount new obstacles. Fulfil all your responsibilities and stay patient in situations that may upset you. Anger will not resolve anything. You may be presented with better job offers but this is not the time to make the switch. Stay calm, composed and serene in your workplace. Do not hesitate to share your work or projects with colleagues. They will try to do their best and help you out in every manner possible.

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