Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn – 9th Feb 2020 to 15th Feb 2020


Love and Relationships

The week will be a roller coaster ride for matters related to love. Trust issues will become a prominent problem in this phase. To love wholeheartedly is to trust. The very foundation of love is trust! Do let it break easily. Give enough time and space to your partner. Do not be judgemental. Everyone needs space and privacy once in a while. Remember, words once spoken cannot be taken back. Harsh words will act like poison. Keep your language soft and your words gentle. Do not engage into futile arguments just to prove a point! Nothing in the universe is permanent. Have patience!

Education and Knowledge 

Current planetary positions indicate a very favourable week for students and education. Students shall study with a lot of interest and their focus and concentration will be maximum. There is a probability of students visiting religious places in pursuit of knowledge. Their religious inclination will increase. Perseverance will certainly pay off and students will be rewarded with a fantastic result! Students pursuing engineering, finance and information technology fields will be full of enthusiasm. Their positivity and energy shall know no bounds! The families of students will also extend their wholehearted cooperation and support. The second and third day of the week are favourable for starting something new.


On an average, the week is very favourable for matters pertaining to your health. If you have been suffering from an old ailment since a long time, you need to be extra cautious about it. If you experience any discomforts with your eyes or joints, do not delay visiting your physician. Timely medication will certainly provide you with lot of relief. Accidental injuries are also a distinct possibility during this time. Always follow traffic rules while driving and never over speed. You will be bubbling with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity throughout! Make good use of this positive energy! Start exercising and join that gym near you!

Money and Finances

The week starts off with a slow pace with respect to financial matters. However, things will start moving and pick up reasonable pace. You may be able to recover debts that have been pending since a long time. The health of a family member may severely be affected. You will incur a substantial amount of financial expenditure for treatment. The outflow of funds will seem to be gradually increasing. There is a probability of a few financial disturbances unexpectedly arising. Learn to control your anger during times of such mental stress and handle the situation tactfully. A little patience and the tide will turn!

Career and Business

The initial days of the week will be very fruitful in terms of your career growth. Salaried employees will reach new heights of achievements, development and overall progress. Colleagues at work and business associates will be impressed with your creativity and innovative ideas. Superiors at work may offer you better opportunities to grow. There is also a distinct probability of an overseas tour. Your professional experience is going to grow by leaps and bounds during this week. If you are desirous of changing your job or aiming for a promotion, this week is certainly going to prove very favourable for it.

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