Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn – 23rd Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020


Love and Relationships

This is going to be a fantastic week for relationships, new and old! Singles will be showered with proposals for marriage. If they have been thinking about proposing their loved one, this is the time to do it! Propose in a uniquely innovative and artistic manner. You will be very happy to receive a surprise from your loved one. Any misunderstandings of the past will be amicably cleared. Pending issues will be sorted and the love in the relationship will be reinstated. Where there is love, there should be no ego. Do not enter into a futile argument with your loved one just to prove a point.

Education and Knowledge

This is going to prove a very favourable week for students. Students will be in a constant pursuit of knowledge and will want to expand the horizons of their learning. Retaining focus and concentration in your studies will not be a problem at all. If you have been having any difficulties pertaining to your education, they will be resolved during this week. Under no circumstances should students allow lethargy to creep in. Having a lazy attitude will most certainly adversely affect your results. We recommend that students from all walks practice meditation regularly. Students who wish to go abroad for higher education will be successful.


This is going to be a pretty mediocre week in terms of health and fitness. A lot of care and precaution will need to be taken. As far as possible, avoid eating junk food. Stick to light, nutritious and oil free foods to avoid stomach related ailments and acid reflux. Avoid eating heavy late-night dinners. Do whatever you can to decrease the load over your digestive system. Eat plenty of fibre rich foods like fruits, whole grains and pulses. Stay adequately hydrated at all times. If there any medications prescribed by your doctor, under no circumstances should you neglect taking them.

Money and Finances

You will need to be extra careful with matters related to finance and money during this week. This is not a very favourable week for considering new investments. Although, if you really must make an investment, consider all its aspects before doing so. People involved in the stocks and share market will need to be very cautious. If you do not pay proper attention, there is a distinct possibility of incurring major losses. Easy money is not your cup of tea. Refrain from indulging yourself with gambling or lottery during this week. Doing so will most certainly end in a complete financial disaster!

Career and Business

Exercise a little precaution during this week in terms of career and business. If you do so, you are good to go! Retention of focus and concentration in your work should be your priority. Try to remove all unnecessary diversions from your mind before attending important meetings. Be focused and stay as meticulous as possible. Quality will always be more important than quantity. Focus upon good quality of your products and after sale services to ensure a lasting business relationship with your customers. Business trips during this week are highly probable. Any ongoing projects with the government during this time are likely to be highly successful!

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