Weekly Horoscope for Cancer – 23rd Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

Relationships are like glass. They crack beyond repair if adequate care is not taken. Nurture your relationship and value your partner. Married couples will feel like their love life has blossomed all over again! Take some romantic time out with your partner. Visiting a garden, restaurant or a short trip with your beloved will spice up the romance in your life. Usage of harsh words will certainly have a disastrous impact. Entering into futile arguments will only cause severe misunderstandings between you and your beloved. Your ego will act like poison for your relationship. Be as transparent as you can to avoid any further complications.

Education and Knowledge

Students may face a problem concentrating on their studies during this week. Students should keep academics as their top priority and not get distracted. If they learn to retain their focus, they will be blessed with excellent results! Students will be more inclined towards subjects related to technology and banking. Students pursuing graduation will be able to prepare very well for their upcoming examinations. Those desirous of migrating abroad for higher education will also succeed during this time. Matters related to visa formalities and sanctioning of education loan will get resolved rapidly during this period. All in all, the week offers mixed results.


No major health concerns are foreseen during this week. You will get a relief from any bothering health issues. Your energy and positivity will be at its peak during this time. Not only will you participate in some physical competition, but also win it! You will successfully be able to clear any examinations that you appear for related to the police department. Since your productivity has increased, you will be able to accomplish the most difficult of tasks with ease. You may need to take some additional care of your health on the weekend. Minor issues related with thighs, muscles and legs may cause some discomfort.

Money and Finances

The week is going to prove excellent with matters relating to finance and money. Your financial situation will substantially get better as the weekend approaches. There is a distinct possibility of getting monetary benefits from unexpected sources. Even though your monetary inflow is good, your expenses will far exceed your inflow. This is a very favourable week for considering the purchase of real estate. It is also a great idea to invest in insurance plans for the safety of yourself as well as your loved ones. Be prepared for meeting unforeseen expenses. Having contingency funds available to tackle with such emergencies is always a good idea.

Career and Business

The week offers a mixed bag of results for the growth of both, your career as well as business. You may need to travel away from home, probably even overseas for official work. Salaried employees will be rewarded with a promotion and an increment in salary. They should always accomplish assigned tasks on time to stay in the good books of their superiors. A frank attitude and a blunt speech are not appreciated by everyone. Choose your words wisely, especially with your superiors and colleagues at work. Your talents will be appreciated as the weekend approaches. Discuss important projects and strategies with your seniors during this time.

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