Weekly Horoscope for Aries – 23rd Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

Marital harmony returns to your abode, as the week begins. You will be in a good mood, enjoying sparkling chemistry with your beloved. This is a good time for a long drive, romantic date and outings. Spend this quality time to renew the freshness and happiness in your relationship. Some surprises or gifts may also be in store for you. The planet of love also sends dreamy dates and nods of yes for ones waiting for their soul-mate. It’s also a good time to look for a match if you are single.

Education and Knowledge

Luck promises good returns, given you stay disciplined and continue to work hard. One feeling stressed must do something to relax. Some co-curricular activities or hobbies will do you a world of good. Find creative passions. Work on your learning patterns or assess some of the recent ones, which may not be giving you expected results. Take advice from a mentor – as this is a must at the moment, says Ganesha. Ones hoping to bag a scholarship shall be in great luck now. Rejoice! Avoid overlooking even minor details.


The week begins on a good note. You shall feel rejuvenated and fresh, maybe because last week you got some chance to rest extra. Don’t overindulge and disturb this balance, cautions Ganesha. Do not ignore pains and chronic issues. Continue with your fitness regimens, but do take advice from an instructor, lest you may be doing something wrong. Friday through Sunday, stars shower good health and renewed vitality on you.

Money and Finances

Income continues to be steady. In fact, it may actually increase. But this will not match the zooming expenses, which may lead to some stress. Well, there are not many ways we can avoid feeling empty-pocketed, especially when inflation is all-time high. But, there always are ways to save – you just need to be more careful and cut out expenses, which are avoidable, advises Ganesha. Patience will be needed if you are waiting for some pending payments. They will surely come – so don’t lose your temper. Good time for business revenues.

Career and Business

The happy tidings of the last few days may suddenly seem to be hidden behind dark clouds. Well, stay on course and stay sorted. Clouds almost always are momentary, says Ganesha. Don’t let the stress on the job front bog you down. Teamwork shall be the key to career happiness now, so get some work bonding going. If you remain concerted in your efforts, soon praises and gains shall come your way. Late nights can’t be ruled out and so can’t be extra hard work. But, consistency shall bail you out of tough situations.

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