Weekly Horoscope for Aries – 16th Feb 2020 to 22nd Feb 2020


Love and Relationships

It will be on you to make time for your key relationships – this week. Your partner may refuse to see your point of view, which may lead to disagreements/ stress. Avoid. Rather, look at the larger picture. What makes you happy? Company and love of your loved ones! Well then, try to forego some of that grumpiness. Still, a partner’s unexpected stance may catch you unawares. Ones just starting in a love relationship are advised to steer clear of over possessiveness. Happy tidings are indicated for unattached or those ready to spill the beans in the matters of heart.

Education and Knowledge

Unfavorable planetary positions indicate continued stress in endeavors related to studies and higher education – when the week begins. Ones preparing for competitive examinations may find the pressure for getting good results a bit too much. Relax! You have given a good shot and rest is out there – and a low score doesn’t always mean low performance. In such scenarios, it also means increased competition, lesser number of seats and what not. Well, much can’t be done for such external factors. So just move ahead and Ganesha promises – things will get better as the week progresses.


The week brings a mixed bag for the matters of health and fitness. You may not feel like getting to the gym on Monday. Well, listen to your body, but don’t give in to those temptations to sleep till late – if and when this continues. Chronic health issues are likely to recur, so be careful. Mid-week, the stars may make it difficult for you to enjoy perfect health. Ask for downtime at work and get back your vigour. By the end of the week, thankfully the stars budge, making you hale and hearty – or at least vastly better.

Money and Finances

A steady inflow of money keeps you stable this week, yet you may not feel contented with the overall picture – as the results lately may not have met your expectations. Well, look again. Maybe you need to realign your goals – or just go with the flow till luck starts backing up your hard work and efforts. Delays in payments are likely for tradesmen. New investments and new ventures – both require a very careful and meticulous approach. Take expert advice and move ahead with complete caution.

Career and Business

The week looks set to bring ample support from your colleagues and senior authorities. This will give you more than one reason to rejoice and feel grateful. Your bosses will be happy. In business, this applies to your clients or the board. Ones planning to change their vocation may come across suitable opportunities. And, if you have been waiting eagerly for that coveted transfer letter to a place of your choice – well, Ganesha sends lucky vibes your way. Go grab that opportunity. People working in the field of marketing and sales shall get good gains too.

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