Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius – 9th Feb 2020 to 15th Feb 2020


Love and Relationships

This week offers a mixed bag of fruits as far as your love and relationship equations are concerned. Couples should not permit anyone except themselves to interfere in their personal affairs. Doing so will heighten the misunderstandings prevailing between you. There is a distinct probability of some depressing moments in your relationship. Refrain from arguing with your partner during such times and give your partner enough private space. Sometimes, just giving enough time to your partner will work miracles! Singles who have been waiting to propose their loved ones can do so without any hesitation during this week. The chances of their proposal being accepted are very bright!

Education and Knowledge 

This week is very favourable for students and their pursuit of academics. Students may even be awarded with a scholarship for their performance. Be as diligent and focused upon your studies as possible. There is a very thin line between being overconfident and being negligent. Both attitudes will have an adverse effect over your results. Make good use of your positivity and enthusiasm by joining extra curricular activities. Advice from teachers, mentors and guides will be its weight in gold! Listen to these advices carefully and implement every word of it. Educational field trips are a distinct possibility during this week. Meditate whenever you need mental rejuvenating.


You will need to be extra careful about your health because of changing seasons. During such a time, the body finds it difficult to regulate its temperature and the digestion is also adversely affected. This is precisely the time when you should protect yourself against seasonal infections. Refrain from eating street side junk food completely. Stick to light and nutritious homemade meals and avoid late night heavy dinners. Stay hydrated and always insist on drinking filtered or distilled water. A lethargic lifestyle will always lead to health complications. Keep yourself engaged in interesting outdoor activities. Going to the gym for light cardiovascular exercises will also benefit you.

Money and Finances

You may be heavily inclined towards a philanthropic attitude during this period. You will donate a substantial amount of money for charity and religious purposes. Your profit margins and avenues of income are also seen increasing. You will be able to recover payments that have been stuck up since a long time. Short term investments yielding high returns are usually very risky. There is a high possibility of incurring a financial loss if such investments are made. Consider investing safely for a long term. Cutting corners and adopting shortcuts to earn money quickly will certainly end in a financial tragedy! Do not fall prey to such temptations.

Career and Business

This week seems to be very good for businessmen as well salaried employees. They will be able to fulfill all their set targets and achieve desired results. Salaried employees will be appreciated by their seniors at work. The sincere hard work and diligence they exhibit will be admirable. Difficult tasks often become simpler when teamwork is involved. Try to involve yourself in a team full of dedicated members. Do not get into arguments with your superiors or colleagues at work. This will not serve any purpose. Consistency and perseverance will be the keys to success during this week. Immerse yourself in work and see the miracle happen!

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