Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius – 16th Feb 2020 to 22nd Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

The week is going to be excellent as far as your relations and love are concerned. Do not enter into futile arguments with your siblings. Doing so will only lead to broken relationships. Try to forgive and forget whenever possible. Any misunderstandings of the past with your partner will be amicably resolved this week. Married couples may not see each other as much as they would want to. This would primarily be because of their professional commitments. At times, you may not even be able to communicate much with your partner. This may cause minor issues in your marital life. Use the three magical words, “I am sorry.”

Education and Knowledge

This week will be full of highs and lows for students. Students may try to explore their knowledge through other sources of education besides books and theory. Hard work, diligence and perseverance will certainly have its own sweet rewards. If students have a clear goal about what they want to accomplish in life, they will achieve it. Planetary influences are in favour of students pursuing graduation in science and technology. A minor health ailment may disturb your academic progress temporarily. Students are to remember, “Heights by great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight. They, while the others slept, were toiling upwards in the night!”


This is the week that calls for extra precaution for matters pertaining to your health and fitness. Keep yourself occupied with hobbies that you used to have once upon a time. This will instil positivity and enthusiasm back in your life! Drive your vehicle very carefully and do not overspeed under any circumstances. We say so because there is a distinct possibility of an accident during this period. Avoid junk food and eat nutritious meals. If you feel lethargic and fatigued, consider joining a gym. Take adequate care of any old ailments that you had been suffering from, so that they do not crop up again.

Money and Finances

This is a very mediocre week in terms of finance. The flow of your income shall keep fluctuating. Although, it is not a bad week for businessmen or salaried employees. Those associated in marketing of products will also be able to perform excellently. Flow of income for them will be regular and satisfactory. This is the week when you will need those contingency funds that you had been saving. This unexpected expenditure will cause mental stress. Despite efforts, you will not be able to save money. Your income will be utilised mostly for meeting your day to day expenses. This week is not favourable for considering new investments.

Career and Business

This week is going to be full of opportunities. Not only will it be full of opportunities, you will also get the desired success and results. There is a distinct possibility of several tours out of town, related to business. This is an extremely favourable week for considering expansion of business. Salaried employees will be presented with several offers of better and more lucrative jobs. Salaried employees should seriously consider switching their job for the current one. This new job will definitely make them climb the success of ladder much faster than the current one. Be honest, work hard and see the miracles happen!

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