Visible Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes


Diabetes is very subtle and ‘sleeks’ in quite unnoticed until the complications set in due to lack of early diagnosis. The challenge for you as an individual is to get information on what to look out for so that the chance of the symptoms degenerating into complications of the disease will be greatly reduced.

According to the American Diabetes Association, recent studies indicate that early detection of the symptoms of diabetes and subsequent treatment greatly reduces the chance of developing the complications of diabetes.

What are the symptoms? These seven signs are the symptoms to watch out for:

  • 1. Frequent Urination: You or somebody close to you may experience frequent urination during the day or at night. Once you observe this repeatedly, start thinking about having a blood sugar or urine test. It may be an indication that there is too much sugar in your blood which can be a symptom of diabetes.
  • 2. Excessive Thirst: Having the desire and urge to drink water at short intervals is an indication that you are dehydrated. This is usually an indication that there is less glycogen in your liver and cells. The sugar which ought to have been converted to energy form in your system is still floating in your blood as excess. This tend to increase your thirst mechanism. Excessive thirst may be an indication that you have excess sugar in your blood-a sure symptom of diabetes
  • 3. Extreme Hunger: Because of the lack of insufficient bioconversion of glucose to produce energy in your system, your system begins to demand for more which can only be assuage in the interim by increased desire for dietary solutions. This stimulates hunger in you.
  • 4. Unusual Weight Loss: Although this is not peculiar to diabetes, it is a symptom to watch out for.
  • 5. Increased Fatigue: Getting tired so easily is an indication that there is insufficient energy for the cells of your body to utilize to supply the metabolic needs of all your activities. When you feel tired so easily, go ahead for a blood sugar or urine test.
  • 6. Irritability: This relates with the earlier conditions. You become so irritable and unstable.
  • 7. Blurry Vision: The human system is so interwoven that when one is ailing, the other feels its consequences. Blurred vision is another sign you must watch out for as an indication of diabetes.

Observing these signs will definitely ensure you take quick steps to verify your condition as it relates to diabetes. Simple tests are available to confirm these observation.

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