This young entrepreneur donates hoping the world will change

18-year-old Amel Elezovic believes charity not only brings the feel-good factor but also strengthens personal values

For Amel Elezovic, philanthropy is a way of life. Given he has made enough money at a tender age through his popular YouTube channels and gaming business, donations for various causes is his way to give back to society.

His first initiative to donate started when he saw one of his friends suffer from cancer, but a charitable institution took care of her. “I started donating for cancer as I thought everyone should receive such care,” he said.

Elezovic is a software engineer, investor, and his YouTube channels have more than 200,000 subscribers.

Another cause for which this high school dropout cares is suicides. “A CDC report showed that suicide rates increased by nearly 25 percent in the last two decades.”

Other causes that he supports include poverty and environmental problems such as global warming, among others.

So, what makes this youngster go all out with charities?

“I feel good,” he said, adding that it makes him feel empowered. For him, helping others is an instant mood-booster. He points out that research shows making donations increases the activity in the area of the brain that registers pleasure and he believes it is far better to give than to receive.

Urging others who are in a position to donate, he said that if children are exposed to the theory of doing charity at a young age, it can bring a positive change in society. “Children by nature like to help others and if this quality is appreciated and inculcated, they will support charities throughout their lives.”  

Elezovic conducted research and found that most people who make donations have a feeling of social consciousness. “Around 96 percent of the people we interviewed believed that it was their moral duty to use what they had to help others,” he said, adding this was a reflection of their personal values and principles.

Making donations impactful

This Norway-born entrepreneur dispelled myths about donations that charities get reduced due to tax or administrative costs, and beneficiaries do not get the full amount. According to him, there are ways to make the most of every donation to charity.

For instance, a UK taxpayer can boost the amount of every donation by donating through Gift Aid which is an income tax relief. Since Gift Aid enables the charity to recover the basic rate of tax on the donations, the scheme adds 25p to each £1 of donations at no extra cost.

Elezovic also feels that charitable donations have a domino effect and this inspires family and friends also to follow the path.

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