This Man’s Instagram Called ‘A Guy with Sign’ is an Accurate Representation of every Millennial’s Problem ever


Indian Guy with a sign is a renowned Instagram profile which is all about images that show a man clenching a placard to figure out certain things that actually this realm needs to understand. And, the posts are relatable for numerous, It’s because the commotions are about aggravating day-to-day dilemmas.

With more than 110K followers and about 9 posts, the profile has overseen to caress people’s funny bones with its most accurate and relatable content.

It’s not just the messages on the placard but also his choice of location which adds on to the recreation. Outfitted in casuals, he always chooses a location that adds the most relatable and preciseness to his content on the placards. Almost all the posts have gathered thousands of likes with countless comments.

With exceptionally new concept he is on his way to change the sphere the way people take things that’s what aggregate him from others. Thus his Instagram profile is the live example of the remarkable way to provide a message to the society.

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