The Miracle Of Smiling: Lessons I learnt after Rising in Love

When you share that honest smile, good things are bound to happen. 

Today, I write this article on the miracle of smiling and how I learnt the same from this magazine’s co-founder and my lady love

A natural smile on a long drive touched my heart in the September of 2018 and I learnt few life changing lessons I would like to share. 

  1. Her beautiful smile touched my heart and broke away all barriers of doubt and mistrust. Sometimes words fall short and actions start doing the speaking. I have always been a loner; someone chasing silence in the nights and darkness while surviving my early 20s. For the first time, when I saw her, smiling at me while I was randomly speaking about my life journey, I got spell-bounded! Her smile communicated that ‘I care…it’s alright…here I am’. I found my puzzle instantly. 
  2. Smile is not always a welcoming gesture, yet it is miraculous when shared with passion and zero expectations. The roads didn’t end when I drove in the streets of Hyderabad on the September of 2018, because the smile just wouldn’t end. It went parallel and yet, I crossed paths with the love of my life. First time!
  3. Smile turns the feeling of fear into boldness. Sadness to cheerfulness and loneliness to a sense of belonging. I finally understood where I belong and I found my direction in the curves of those lips.
  4. Smile conveys emotions. It planted emotions in me. 

I’m smiling while randomly writing this article. Why? Because smile also brings nostalgia. 

The past 1.5 years have been life changing, high flying (pun) with memories painted in my head every single day.

When was the last time you allowed a beautiful memory to keep a truly good smile on your face? You’ll be amazed to know what keeping a smile on your face is already helping you have.

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