Romantic Love Letters – Expressing what you truly feel

Romantic Love Letters


Have you ever wondered why romantic love letters are a great medium to articulate emotion? Basically, through these letters, a person is able to say what he or she cannot verbalize through actual spoken words. With written romantic letters, you are able to express what you truly feel, without fumbling with the precise words you wish to say, censoring yourself or dealing with nervous emotions.

The Common Problem

Inhibitions and fear are often hindrances to expressing what we truly feel. It frequently gets in the way of expressing to a person the admiration, attention and affection due to them. This is why we fail in trying to maintain an exciting and lasting relationship. At times, the wrong words come out of our mouths, which are typically perceived in the wrong way.

The best way to get through this reality is through romantic love letters. It really doesn’t matter whether it is hand-written or typed, however based on experience, I’ve found letters that are hand-written to be powerfully effective in achieving the intended goal.

Yet these days, there are so many “presentation” possibilities. The main point is, through written words, you are more successful & free in conveying what you truly feel.

Things You Don’t Have To Deal With When Using Written Words Of Romance

There are so many advantages to writing love letters, as opposed to saying romantic things out loud. Here are a few things you don’t have to deal with when using romantic letters to express and articulate emotion:

1. Embarrassment

If you happen to fumble with finding the right things to say when in person, writing these letters can protect you from any looming embarrassment. However, since this type of letter is a great medium of expression and making a lasting statement, the likelihood of this ever happening is unlikely.

2. Stuttering, Stumbling, And Not Knowing What to Say

When we get nervous, we often stutter, stumble, and often forget what we were planning to say. This results in an awkward situation, which hinders future attempts to say what we feel. These traits result in either a failed relationship or becoming unsuccessful in starting one. Nobody desires to be alone and lonely, but due to such unfortunate insecurities, it is a common norm.

3. Rejection In Person

Romantic love letters protect you from the possibility of getting rejected in person. You can communicate your intent in a letter and request the subsequent response to be given in person, phone call, email or return letter. Is it not better to just receive a letter of rejection than to experience it in person?

It is easier to receive and deal with it in this way (saves your feeling from being crushed). The possibility of this ever happening is slim when articulated through words written vs. spoken directly.

These are things you can prevent from happening when you choose to express yourself in writing – just a few reasons why a love letter is a great medium to articulate emotion.

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