March 2020 Monthly Horoscope!


You may have started a project recently. Cover your back! There is a jealous person behind you. Yet, the direction in which you are moving seems to be away from problematic people – one who is envious and one who is very rigid. Keep going in the opposite direction! The Moon is in your sign on the 10th and, while matters will seem to run smoothly and Mars has just turned direct, the last aspect is a square to Venus. This means that the endeavor can prove quite costly and there can be hurt feelings.


There are 2 significant men around you this month. Neither seems sensitive to your emotional needs. You need to get a new perspective on the issues around these men. One is proud and confident and the other is not really open to growth – stuck in a safe rut of routines and habitual behavior. The Moon is in your sign on March 11-12. The morning of the 13th (using EST) has the best aspects, especially for relationships and financial matters.


This month finds you moving away from a difficult situation. There may have been a difficult person in your life, rigid and unyielding. You will put this situation behind you as you emotionally let go of the situation – the person will never change. This month you are urged to hold onto your money. Watch holiday spending. Do not allow others to take advantage of you financially. The Moon is in your sign on the 14th. Do not commence anything now as you will be surprised by the complications that arise.


There may have been a Scorpio woman around you who does not trust or express generosity. This is a month for you to be generous with others. You will find yourself active in formal situations – religious services, formal social functions or coordinated events. The Moon is in your sign on the 16th – this is an excellent day to commence any new activity or social affair – but before 7pm.


According to the love horoscope 2020, you will find yourself moving away from a difficult relationship. Mars Retrograde has brought out a lot of passive-aggressive behavior in some people. There is a lot of movement around you – possibly a new car or travel. A new financial opportunity will be presented to you – almost “out of the blue” or unexpected. The Moon is in your sign on March 19-20 but the 20th is the best day, especially before 8pm EST. This is an excellent time to complete a project.


You have been longing for something new, a change, and one is being offered. Someone who is more traditional, in authority and respected, will provide an opportunity for you. Assert yourself mentally. Speak up for yourself. Do not back down if you are right. The Moon is in your sign on the 21st. This is not a time to initiate because disagreements will lead to complications or possibly an important person dropping out at the last minute.


 You need to be patient this month as you wait for your endeavors to come to fruition. In the meantime, this is an excellent month to take a risk. Your intuitive and spiritual talents should be cultivated now. Educational activities are favored. The Moon is in your sign on the 23rd and, even though Venus has turned retrograde, it is an excellent time to re-connect with friends from your past or shopping for bargains.


 This can be a month for cultivating your intuitive powers in some active way. You have been deceived in the past so you should find mastery on your own. Your innate skills are powerful. Do it yourself! The Moon is in your sign on March 26-27 but the only time to initiate is after 7:10pm EST on the 27th. This is an excellent time for communicating and working with others. Others are supportive during these hours.


This is an Awaking month. You become aware of potentials and possibilities now. You can liberate yourself through honesty and candor. Everything will begin to change and you will embark upon a new activity. The Moon is in your sign on March 1 and 29. Both of these dates favor your taking charge and doing things your way.


 You have experienced some sadness in the past. You respond to this by keeping busy. Do not over-burden yourself. Complete projects this month. Most important, you should make some exciting plans for the future. This could be a trip or an educational experience. When you start to do this, everything will begin to look optimistic. The Moon is in your sign on March 3. This is actually a very good day as Mercury turns direct. Where there has been a standoff in communications, there will be a shift and cooperation will be achieved. It is a good time to get another to change their mind. The Moon is once again in your sign on March 30. There is a very narrow window for a positive outcome – after 7:10pm EST.


 Inspiration will come through others this month, almost as if a Guardian Angel is watching over you. You will begin to make plans but you need to new or unique perspective in order to success. This will come to you – act upon the new insights rather than tradition. The Moon is in your sign on March 5-6 but the 6th is better for taking action, if you must use these dates. A lot of changes will be needed for any success to occur.


You have been through a difficult time and you may not feel very generous during the holidays. Caution is recommended. There may be a jealous woman around you. As they say in poker, “Keep your cards close to your vest.” The Moon is in your sign on March 7-8 but after 6pm of the 8th is an excellent time for socializing and relationships in general. It is also a good time for making financial decisions.

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