In this era of modernization, we all are very busy with our hectic lifestyle. We don’t have enough time to maintain our fitness even. We see a lot of advertisements regarding fitness but we do not initiate those in our life. But why not use a cheap fitness tracker that will just be on our wrist and can act as a cool wristband and will track every step that we take in our daily life, which will also be the best Fitbit alternative and will have music control? Sounds fancy right? Not anymore.

Introducing Letscom Fitness Tracker HR, the best budget fitness tracker, which acts as a wearable tech along with inbuilt GPS of a high rated accuracy. If you are a fitness enthusiast then you should own a fitness tracker.

Many of us already know the use of fitness trackers; it is somewhat like our watch that we usually put on our wrist but its features are different from the ordinary watch.

In a watch, we can only see time but fitness tracker is connected with smartphones that usually monitor our activities throughout the day. Isn’t it a great feature?

There are so many fitness trackers available in the market with lots of cool features like heartbeat counter, pulse counter, diabetes counter, but you will get all these features in Letscom Fitness Tracker HR, which is why it is the best fitness tracker under $100. Letscom Fitness Tracker HR that is quite inexpensive, has the longest battery life, GPS tracker, and is a perfect Xiaomi band 4 alternative etc.

So, let us discuss every feature with some enthusiasm:


1. IP67

2. GPS to track and locate

3. OLED Screen

4. USB Charge capable

5. The battery life of 5-10 days depending upon the usage

6. Charge time of 1-2 hours

Design and features of LETSCOM FITNESS TRACKER :

1. The most advanced feature in Letscom Fitness Tracker HR is the calculation of heart rate and sleep tracker activity. To enjoy this feature, you need to wear your smart Letscom Fitness Tracker all day and even at night so it can track your pulse rate and also your sleep duration and provide you tracked information immediately so that you can manage your sleep activity.

2. Nowadays, we often listen that “burn the calories, you will get fit”. But, do you know how many calories should be burnt in a single day? This information will be provided by your Letscom Fitness tracker so that you can burn the exact amount of calories that is required in a day neither more than that nor less.

3. The most amazing feature is its GPS tracker which synced up with your very own smartphone and you can easily get running status of your activities immediately wherever you want through Letscom Fitness Tracker app installed in your smartphone.

Accuracy of LETSCOM fitness tracker HR :

It can record every single step and give information in a map-like form so that it can track every route wherever you are going and the best use of this feature is that if you by chance lost somewhere, you can easily open the tracker map information and go home easily.

Display screen feature: 

It comes with 0.96 inches (2.44 cm) big-screen display so that you can get maximum information at a single time.

Battery life and waterproof: 

And yes! It has the longest battery life if it is in good condition so you will never run out of power.

If you are concerned about what if it falls suddenly in the water? don’t worry as it is a waterproof smart fitness tracker. It can stand against your salty sweat, water splashes, raining etc. But you are not allowed to wear it while swimming though.

Music lovers can also get it because it can record music or audio and has a music control system so if you want to adjust the volume you can simply do it.

Some of the other features of Letscom Fitness tracker are like guiding breathing rate, camera roll mode, auto sleep tracking, detecting weather etc. 

It is very easily chargeable via an integrated USB cable. Public review matters the most and it is awarded dozens of good reviews.

But every subject is indulged with pros and cons. So, let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of this.


• It is a cheap fitness tracker and is under budget so you will not refuse it when it comes to money.

• Wearable tech- wear it just like any other simple watch, just tie it around your wrist and that’s it.

• It has music control feature that allows you to manage and control the volume of music or audio.

• The battery life of LETSCOM FITNESS tracker is very amazing and is easily chargeable too.

• It is a Fitbit alternative so if you are running out of money to buy Fitbit, you can buy this.

• You can easily see calls and messages on your wrist whether it is from SMS or Facebook or WhatsApp etc.

• It has a multi-sport mode connected to a smartphone with LETSCOM FITNESS TRACKER app.


Over so many advantages there is one single disadvantage, slightly difficult to swipe screens sometimes otherwise it is good.

Very fit app: 

This tracker is synced with the Very Fit App, which is a piece of wonderful news because it records and let you know accurate information about your activities; from steps taken to steps that you need to take, from the amount of distance you have covered to in what pace you have covered how much distance, etc. In short, it records everything!

Conclusion:LETSCOM FITNESS TRACKER is an amazing fitness tracker that is connected with the smartphone with an app so that you can accurate information regarding your fitness activity. So, guys! If you a fitness freak then you should own this for better results of your fitness activity.

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