Israeli fire kills Palestinian Terrorist trying to plant bomb at Gaza border

A Palestinian, who was injured at the Israel-Gaza border, gestures as he is brought into a hospital in the southern Gaza Strip February 23, 2020

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian trying to plant explosives near Israel’s border security fence with the Gaza Strip on Sunday, the Israeli military said.

The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad said the man was one of its members, but it did not disclose what he was doing in the area.

In a statement, the Israeli military said soldiers opened fire at two Palestinians placing an explosive device next to the fence in the Hamas Islamist-run enclave.

It said one of the men was killed and a military bulldozer removed his body.

Witnesses and health officials said two other Palestinians were wounded by Israeli gunfire directed at a group of people that had approached the area and tried to recover the body.

Video footage shot by a Gaza photographer and posted on social media showed what appeared to be a lifeless figure dangling from the mechanical arm of the bulldozer, which was escorted by an Israeli tank.

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