Indians order-in food to ‘cheer up’: Survey

(IANSlife) What motivates urban Indians to order in food? As per an Ipsos survey, desires for change in taste and the need to uplift spirits and an excuse for avoiding cooking were top reasons why people order-in food.

Other reasons cited include special occasions, a missed meal and to catch up with friends.

The survey also shows how consumers choose where to order from.

The restaurant choice, it said, is largely dictated by the type of cuisine and deals, and other factors like ordering for whom – oneself, family or friends, occasion and service/ speed of delivery, too have some sort of bearing.

What about the time peak time to order-in meals? Ordering-in peaks for dinner (53 percent), followed by lunch (32 percent) and it”s somewhat lean for the evening (13 percent) and breakfast (2 percent).

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