A research paper is simply a piece of academic writing that presents your interpretation and evaluation of a specific topic that has a little bit or never been researched before. Writing a research paper requires great dedication, determination, concentration, and, of course, a good amount of time. But what if you have been procrastinating, and now you have a research paper to be submitted right after the weekend or maybe one day! Below are a few tips that will aid you in writing a quick research paper.

  • Selecting the Topic:

The starting of research is the selection of a research topic and problem [1]. If you are allowed to pick the topic for research yourself, then choose a topic that has been researched before, and there is a tendency of further research on it. Be careful while choosing the topic of your interest, and it has several reference materials already available on the internet to ease the process. Usually, it is preferred to choose a topic that is focused on a specific aspect, but to write a quick research paper, the key is to pick a topic as broad as possible. Don’t select a topic just because it is fascinating. In choosing a topic, one should take care of the possibility of data collection and finding relevant evidence in support of the thesis. It is recommended to thoroughly check best research paper examples in order to get ideas.

  • Research:

Fastest way to write a research paper quickly is to research before developing a thesis statement. This is because if you develop a thesis first and later on fail to provide enough evidence to support it, then it will be merely a waste of time. Spend quality time in research and ensure that whatever the material you find has been taken from the most authentic sources. You can take information from Wikipedia, Google Scholar, online databases, IEEE website, online encyclopedias,bohatala, government reports, etc. Keep a record of all the sources you are taking information from and cite them properly to avoid plagiarism.

  • Create an outline:  

When you have all of the material, it is essential to sketch out a rough plan that arranges the gathered material in an organized manner. Planning and outlining save you a lot of time. This will give you an idea of what material is missing for complete and reasoned conclusions. A well-structured outline can serve you like a road map for writing your thesis, so incorporate all the details in it.

  • Develop a Thesis:

Enough research, you should develop a thesis statement that is easier to prove and has sound shreds of evidence. Moreover, it should be very specific, easier to understand, and concise. It should precisely discuss the points that are going to be argued in the research paper and should be supported with relevant evidence. All the information that is not relevant to your paper, and that does not support your argument should be discarded.

  • Define the Introduction and Conclusion:

By writing an abstract that summarizes the main idea of the paper, followed by an introduction that further explains the title of the research paper. The introduction should comprise of relevant background information and discuss the issues which raised the need for writing this research. Finally, conclude it by summarizing your results and findings. Explain the contribution of your research towards resolving the issues which were described in the introduction. Also, cite all the sources properly at the end. Online sites can be used to add citations correctly.

  • Develop the Main Body:

The main body should be sub-divided into several paragraphs, which may comprise a literature review, the approach used to carry out the research, results, and discussion of the results. While writing the paragraphs, stick to the thesis statement and use your outline for the proper structure. No sentence of the paragraph should deviate from the main topic, and it should be in favor of your research paper. Try to blend material from different sources, so it all flows together. Use facts to support your arguments. Moreover, quotes can be used from credible sources to increase the authenticity of your research work.

  • Revise and Polish the Research Paper:

Above all steps are completed, it is necessary to proof-read your paper. Re-read and check your paper to ensure that every statement is per the topic of the research and does not deviate from the main theme. Apart from the grammatical and spelling mistakes, also check for the logic of paper if it makes sense. Hence make all the necessary improvements to polish your paper and enhance the quality of your work. Remove all the repetitive sentences and improve word choices. The vocabulary of the paper should be simple and concise. Always keep your audience in mind while writing the paper as well as while revising it.


The above-mentioned steps provide you with the easiest and fastest way of writing a research paper when its due right after a day, and it works! But of course, writing a quality research paper requires a lot of attention and time. Therefore, start planning beforehand and timely start gathering information and relevant material for the research, so you only have to review your work a day before submission without any trouble. Also, the key to the development of a successful research paper lies in the fact that how appropriately you have used the material from reference sources to support your point of view.

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