How to take care of your Fitbit watches in 2020!


If you take care of things, they tend to last longer. It is no different in the case of your Fitbit watches, which are undoubtedly close to your heart owing to their excellent performance and glamorous appearance. Your Fitbit bands and watches, irrespective of whether it has an elastomer band or a leather one, often come in contact with sweat and dust and tend to lose their sheen. But if you take proper care of your Fitbit watch bands, then the watch can continue adding that edge to your style game even after wearing it day in and day out for months if not years. 

Fitbit watch bands are generally made up of any one of the following materials, namely- elastomer, leather, metal, or nylon. This difference in materials demands different cleaning and caring procedures. Besides the cleaning methods that are unique to each material, there are some general ones which should be followed irrespective of the materials of the Fitbit watch bands. In this article, we will be taking a look at both general care methods for your Fitbit watches and methods unique to the material of the watchband.

Blue Silicone Universal WatchBand (20mm)

Material based care tips

  • Leather bands:

As Fitbit watch bands made of leather are not water-resistant, you should always wipe it with a clean, non-abrasive cloth after wearing it to clean off the sweat from the band. Not doing so might lead to damage and discoloration of the band.

Apart from moisture, perfumes, lotions, and oils can also cause discoloration of Fitbit watch bands, which are made of leather. Hence, it is advisable to limit contact with these substances. 

Fitbit watches with leather bands are not meant to be worn during intense workout sessions or during sleeping hours. Wearing them in such situations might affect the durability and the appearance of your watch.

  • Elastomer bands:

Elastomer bands are meant to be worn throughout the day, even during showering and work out sessions. Hence, they come in contact with sweat and dirt and should be cleaned regularly. But Fitbit watch bands made of elastomers should not be cleaned with any sort of regular soaps like body soaps or handwashes. In order to clean these bands, a bit of alcohol or soap-free cleansers should be used.

To remove tough stains or spots, you could also rinse with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

  • Metal Bands:

Like their leather counterparts, Fitbit watch bands made of metal are also not water-resistant and hence should be wiped with a lint-free cloth and air-dried after wearing.

Also, these watches should not be exposed to high temperature and moisture for a long time as it could lead to discoloration of the band. 

Like the leather bands, in case of metal bands too, it is advised to limit contact with perfumes and lotions.

  • Nylon Bands:

Unlike elastomer bands, Fitbit watch bands made of nylon can be washed with soap and then wiped using a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth.

Prolonged exposure to humidity, high temperatures, and direct sunlight can cause discoloration of the band over time. Hence, it is advised to air-dry the band and not leave it in the sunlight to dry.

Also, contact with perfumes, lotions, and oils should be limited for a better appearance for a longer time.

General Care tips

  • Though Fitbit watches are water-resistant and are designed to work properly even after coming in regular contact with water and sweat, it is advised that after having a shower or a workout session, you dry both the band and your skin to avoid skin irritation. Also, it should be noted that only elastomer bands can be worn underwater.
  • It is widely advised that Fitbit devices should not be cleaned with regular soaps, household cleaners, and wipes. So, to remove the sunscreen, lotion, or any other material that gets accumulated beneath the band, you can use a soap-free cleanser.

Nothing lasts forever. Even after taking the best possible care, it is very likely that Fitbit watch bands will not stay as good as new forever. In case it gets worn out or damaged, you don’t have to throw away the device. On platforms such as the dailyobjects you get to buy new and trendy Fitbit watch bands. is a popular platform for buying Fitbit watch bands owing to their vast collection of top-quality products. Besides their collection featuring a wide range of designs, their easy return and refund policy makes shopping with them a hassle-free and satisfying experience.

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