Games For the Creative Mind


Games can be structured activity or semi structured activity apparently started for enjoyment. Gladiators who fought in the arena for the mere pleasure and entertainment of spectators during the Roman Empire. Most sports now are carried out for monetary pursuits. The game of soccer is one example. Virtual games have its innate simulated ill effects to the human mind. Addiction to a game can be disastrous to human living as most of the time is spent on playing the game itself. Betting and gambling are ‘bad’ branches of any game. Used sparingly any game can be a blessing too.


I can still recall my favourite game when I was 4 years old. I love to build castle on wooden blocks. This building block consists of wooden parts of a castle model and the graphic picture of the final castle. All I had to do is to match those things in the picture with my ready made parts to build the entire castle.

The above building block may help a child in the following:

Improves hand-eye coordination Develops shape/size recognition and matching ability Develops logical thinking – which part to place first Develops perseverance attitude – if the large block is placed successfully

Choose a game which encourages simple creation and encourages an easy solution.


The fuel for the human mind is being creative. Creativity usually precedes a solution.

Choose a game which has the objective of creation and will not distress your mind. Scrabble is a fantastic game of building vocabulary. Language helps to build oratorical ability which is one of the factors for a communication. Better communication influences leadership qualities.

Word puzzle has restrictions in a solution. You have to form the exact word. But the game of scrabble has letters for the formation of couple of words.


The ultimate process for thinking is finding a solution. The human mind navigates in search for a solution.

The rubix cube not only causes stress on the user but it is not the ‘fuel’ for the creative mind. It helps you speed up your thinking process but it will not help you to be a better thinker. What is the point if you travel from point A to B if in the first place those points have an innate obsoletism?

The game of chess also falls into this category.

What I am trying to say?

The human mind needs a solution. Finding a solution in reality is an easy game. A solution will be complete if there is an avenue for creativity. A creative solution is a valuable input for human living. Creative solution for a problem is much needed currently.

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