FAISAL MIR—- The Youngest Politician of PDP


To bring the change one needs to have a clarification about his strategies with optimistic expectations. One of the leading personalities of politics from one of the vibrant states of our nation, Jammu, and Kashmir is Faisal Mir.

Faisal Mir is the youngest politician of the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party. He is the son of a Jammu and Kashmir’s Member of Parliament. He is generously known for shouldering innumerable commitments and leading the way of several social projects. From being socially responsive to optimistic he is laying a benchmark for many youngsters.

Jammu and Kashmir’s former Chief Minister Ms. Mehbooba Mufti has ratified his activities numerous of the eternities on twitter. Being the young blood of politics he always comes up with new ideas and notions considering the context of the nation’s development. Nonetheless, he is accomplishing an extraordinary job at such a young age, his efforts are appreciable and his dedication is respectable. For his pure ambitions and bright future, we wish him good luck.

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