Creative Cowboy Themes to Fall For


Cowboy themes are not merely for little boys anymore, with millions of people choosing a cowboy idea for different rooms of the home, such as the living room, family room, media space, children’s bedrooms, master or guest rooms, and even bathrooms. It is definitely not hard to fall for a cowboy theme in any room, especially with a few tips and tricks from those who love everything cowboy. These tips include, but are not limited to, the following sources of inspiration:

Cowboy Apparel

The most obvious choices are themes that incorporate the things that a cowboy wears on a daily basis, such as cowboy hats, boots, jeans, flannel or plaid shirts, kerchiefs, and so on. One very cute idea available online was a side table with blue jean-covered table legs holding up the table, with a pair of cowboy boots as support or feet.

Another whimsical idea was a pair of ceramic cowboy boots used as a planter with bright colored flowers inside. A red curtain patterned to mimic a kerchief is also a fun way to add to a cowboy theme that anyone could fall for.


Another easy idea is to include horses in the cowboy theme, from ceramic, iron, paintings, prints, or patterns to murals or drawings. There are different ways to represent horses too, such as full-body figures, busts, or even faux horsehair. A cowboy is not a cowboy without his or her horse, so be sure to include the horse in some way to create the perfect cowboy theme. They objects you choose do not have to be expensive or large, and many different stores have really sophisticated ideas that are affordable and interesting.

Riding Paraphernalia

To go along with horses and cowboys, a variety of riding gear makes a perfect addition to a cowboy theme. This includes saddles, bridles, reins, horse blankets, chaps, and spurs, which can each be added in very unique ways. Some online stores offer really classy pictures of saddles draped over fences, some with cowboys or horses pictured and others as simple landscape-style pictures. The real thing can be a bit costly, but imitations or faux representations of these items are available online and in stores and can look just as great if done correctly.

Riskier Items

A few cowboy-themed items are available for grown-up rooms, such as man caves or living rooms or media spaces where children are not or only rarely present. Guns are a perfect example of the riskier items, whether they are real or imitations. Even photographs can inspire kids to violence, but there are some really great-looking prints of cowboys with their guns. This is especially true if you are going for more than a cowboy theme, such as a Wild West saloon theme or cowboy sheriff theme.

Saloon girls draped over cowboys are popular too, but are another representation of a riskier item that is probably not suitable for younger children since it will spark a lot of questions that you may not be ready to answer at this time.

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