Cisco Certification Exams: The Easiest Way to Advance Your Career with ExamSnap’s Exam Dumps

Are you on the verge of building a career in IT? If so, pursuing the relevant certifications may help. Cisco certifications are intended to help you unlock new opportunities in the IT industry by verifying your technical knowledge in the chosen technology area.

And with the recent revamp of its certification program, the Cisco career track now offers the shortest route to fulfilling your career aspirations.

In this post, get all the details of the new Cisco certification track and what you should do to succeed in the highly competitive IT job market.

Overview of the Cisco Professional Certification Program

Cisco CCNA 200-301 dumps is a reputable company that offers credentials for all tastes, whether you simply want to check if IT-sphere suits you or update your skills to boost your networking career, it’s the right way to opt for Cisco certifications.

Cisco offers certifications in such domains as collaboration, security, IoT, design, cloud, routing and switching, to mention a few. The levels at which these certifications can be gained fall include entry, associate, professional, expert, and architect. Still, it’s your choice which credential to choose.

By opting to tread the Cisco certification path, candidates have an opportunity to validate their skills in the specific technology area which ultimately puts them on course to building a rewarding career in IT.

New and Most Popular Cisco certifications

Following the recent revamp of its entire certification program, Cisco unleashed a new set of credentials that will equip candidates with the latest skills and knowledge and check a wide range of concepts related to the IT industry.

So, to start with, most associate-level certifications will be replaced by the CCNA 200-301 dumps badge. To gain it, you’ll need to pass only one exam. So, if you are thinking of taking CCNA R&S certification (one of the most popular designed by Cisco), use the chance to do it now, as the changes come into force on 24th of February 2020 and then you’ll never can opt for the most of the current credentials as they simply won’t exist.

Along with CCNA certification, soon you’ll be able to choose to get two more credentials, CCNA Cyber Ops, which remains the same, and a brand new badge DevNet Associate.

According to the changes at the professional level, the number of the certifications available has been reduced from nine to six. The exams you need to pass are only 2, which includes one core exam and one concentration exam. As for the brand new track, you can gain the DevNetprofessional certification, designed for DevOps engineers, software developers and other software specialists.

As for the expert level, CCNP Enterprise credential splits into CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Enterprise Wireless certifications. To gain any, first, you need to pass one core exam at the professional level (350-401) and then take a Lab exam that lasts 8 hours.

Now let’s see, what are the benefits of the Cisco certifications?

Top 3 Reasons to Become Cisco Certified Right Now

1. Become a Networking Professional

Speaking of networking certification vendors that exist in the IT market, Cisco is second to none. This organization is at the forefront of IT networking and getting certified distinguishes you from the general crowd and portrays you as a committed professional who’s willing to advance their career. By getting Cisco certified, you authenticate your skills and ability related to managing, implementing, configuring and troubleshooting IT networks.

2. Get a Deserved Recognition

Cisco certifications are globally accepted. And earning a Cisco credential shows that you are adding a globally accepted and highly respected skillset to your distinguished list of professional achievements. And if you play your cards right, this might just be the beginning of a fruitful career in IT.

3. Improve Your Wages

And by the way, if you need a decent credential that will also give you an admirable pay potential, a Cisco certification will pay you off within some time. It’s no longer a secret that Cisco certified professionals earn a higher salary compared to their fellows holding the same job roles but with no credentials.

Cisco Certification Job Roles

So, which are your career prospects if you possess one of Cisco’s esteemed credentials? That seems to be the biggest question. Well, the next section covers the top 3 popular job roles for Cisco certified professionals.

1. Network Architect

Network architects in the modern-day IT industry are tasked with monitoring communication networks including WANs, LANs as well as infrastructures. For this reason, these professionals play a hugely important role in the management, creation, maintenance and modification of IP networks hardware, software and their virtualized components.

2. Network Security Engineer

Like network architects, network security engineers also take great satisfaction in maintaining communication networks. However, their scope of practice is focused on planning, designing, optimizing, implementing, auditing, and troubleshooting network security systems. All these tasks are performed with the aim to protect IT networks from the threats posed by malicious attackers.

3. Network Security Administrator

Network security administrators are well aware of the threats posed by hackers and malicious attackers who may want to steal an organization’s data to fulfill the personal ambitions. Although there could be a huge variation in their job roles, network security administrators are viewed as the point men or women for cybersecurity systems. A network security administrator is tasked with installing, administering, and troubleshooting an organization’s security solution to secure it from destruction, modification or illegal access.

How to Pass the Cisco Certification Exams?

Polish Your Hands-on Skills

Most of the Cisco certification exams will test your theoretical knowledge as well as your practical skills in the technology area of focus. For this reason, you may want to obtain hands-on experience when preparing for your exam.

Use the Cisco Official Website

Make the best use of the Cisco official website to improve your chances of passing the test. This platform is packed with plenty of resources ranging from training courses to helpful learning environments all of which are designed to help you ace the test in your first try.

Get the Best Study Materials

It goes without saying that passing the Cisco certification exams requires the most authentic and updated exam study materials.

So, before registering for any test, ensure you visit reliable websites such as ExamSnap that provides a variety of training materials for exam success.

ExamSnap offers the most updated practice questions with answers that will help you check your knowledge before taking the test and gain the necessary skills to complete all the questions within the allocated time. Thus, you can check free exam dumps uploaded on the website by the recent exam takers, and then opt for the Premium Bundle, that usually includes a premium file, a study guide, and a training course.

Note, that all the files provided on ExamSnap website are in vce file format and can be opened on the VCE Software. This modern exam simulator enhances your preparation by simulating almost the real exam environment.

So, ExamSnap is a helpful resource for all Cisco exams starting from the entry-level CCENT exam to more advanced CCIE certification exams.


With the volatile nature of the IT industry, it helps to refresh your skills on a frequent basis to help you stay on par with technology trends. And Cisco certifications are meant to serve this purpose. If you’ve ever wanted to unlock new opportunities in IT to help you supercharge your career or get a pay hike, getting a certification by Cisco is a great choice. Since the current credentials are still active, you can obtain them using the most updated and actual prep materials from ExamSnap’s exam dumps. So, go for the required Cisco credential you’ve always wanted to attain. You can do it!

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