Backstage News on Goldberg vs. Bray Wyatt, Possible WrestleMania Shakeup

Goldberg vs. Bray Wyatt, Possible WrestleMania Shakeup

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan is to keep the Bray Wyatt vs. Goldberg match at WWE Super ShowDown for the WWE Universal Championship short. Of course, Goldberg faced The Undertaker at last year’s Super ShowDown event. That match lasted around ten minutes and you all know how that went with all the botches.

The concern with the Wyatt vs. Goldberg match is that Goldberg doesn’t do well in matches where he has to sell too much. Wyatt’s current “Fiend” gimmick is built around the idea of not selling big moves.

As previously reported here on eWn, Goldberg has been a Paul Heyman project since he returned to WWE. Goldberg’s match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 was supposed to be his retirement run but because it was so well-received, Heyman decided that he wanted to book Goldberg like Bruno Sammartino during the late 1970s. During that time, Sammartino would return every now and then to “pop business” and pick up a win. When Heyman became the head of the RAW creative team, his idea was to keep Goldberg from losing until he got to the point where he couldn’t do the role anymore.

As of this writing, there is no word on who may go over at Super ShowDown but the plan when the match was announced was to have Wyatt go on to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. With that being said, Goldberg did draw ratings for SmackDown last Friday night and there seems to be some interest in a Goldberg vs. Reigns match at WrestleMania instead of Wyatt vs. Reigns.

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