A Retreat at Grand Canyon National Park – The Pride of Nature


The vicinity of America is like a paradise for tourists with hundreds of destinations to explore and admire. Another such location is the Grand Canyon that epitomizes power and pride of nature.

Along with the gorgeous, natural panoramas, the Grand Canyon National Park also endows with ample of adventures and leisure activities. This blend is quite overwhelming. However, adding spice to its feel, the wildlife and wilderness ambiance is what completes the definition of Grand Canyon.

Traveling to the national park is as interesting as the vistas there. The northern rim of Grand Canyon can be reached from northern areas like Las Vegas. However, most of the tourists prefer explore the southern rim first. It’s quite popular and can be accessed by driving north of Flagstaff for about an hour.

This national park is something that America is, and will always be, extremely proud of, as it conserves some of the most beautiful and extinct wildlife creatures of the world. However, the most spectacular attraction of this place is the Grand Canyon itself. Even after spending 800 hours, a tourist may not be able to watch and enjoy everything that Grand Canyon has to offer.

An activity that cannot be missed while visiting Grand Canyon National Park is hiking. And if you want to experience the ultimate pleasure of this adventure, the best time to visit this place is spring and fall. During these months the temperature is quite pleasing as it isn’t much hot. However, autumn months provides you the opportunity of counting the endless variety of hawks that migrate to south in this period.

Staying overnight is never a problem, if you are at National Park. In fact, it’s a pleasure. This vicinity embraces 4 historical hotels and about 5 contemporary, chic inns to choose from. With more than five million people visiting this place every year, you cannot expect not to be a good residing destination.

With so much to offer, Grand Canyon adds another appreciating activity to the list – wildlife watching. Don’t fret if a raven crosses by your car, or a vulture sits besides. It’s too common here. Other birds like jays, hawks, and golden eagle can be effortlessly spotted from the rim. Animals like bobcats, coyotes, black bears, mule deer, squirrels, and mountain lions are abundantly available here. However, desert bighorn sheep occupies most of the places of this national park.

If you are an avid explorer, this is definitely a haven for you. Along with places like Tusayan Museum and Kolb Studio, you will also enjoy the views of Painted Desert, Kaibab National Park, and Desert View Watchtower.

Millions of tourists visit Grand Canyon in Arizona due to this extensive blend wildlife, adventures, panoramas, arts, and weather. Being here is definitely the best way to revitalize and re-energize.

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