A Living Chandelier Made of Algae, and other inventions by Julian Melchiorri

Saving the Environment by using Algae to produce Light

Julian Melchiorri – Inventor

Julian Melchiorri is a London based engineer, inventor and entrepreneur, recognized by Forbes as a leading European Union Social Entrepreneur under the age of 30. He was also awarded the Emerging Talent Medal at the London Design Festival, for making an impact in the designing field before even earning his 5-year graduation degree. Melchiorri is probably best known for his ‘man-made leaf technologies’, the first of which was his Silk Leaf, a man-made plant which absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) and produces oxygen even in harsh conditions, including outer space.

The Living Chandelier

Melchiorri’s best invention is called Exhale – a living, breathing chandelier that has stunned the world. This scientific marvel lights up the room and purifies the air at the same time. The chandelier exhibited at a Science Expo is made up of 70 glass leaves filled with green algae which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, thereby becoming the perfect eco-friendly source of light for us. The Exhale Bionic Chandelier is currently placed in the V&A Museum, UK.

Bio Solar Leaf

Melchiorri founded the company Arborea with a mission to strive for cleaner air, healthier foods and sustainable energy. The company has been working on developing the BioSolar Leaf since the last 4 years. It is made of micro-algae, phytoplankton and microscopic plants that are grown along structures resembling solar panels, which can be installed in urban areas on rooftops. These plants would purify the air, provide electricity and also grow proteins and sustainable food ingredients at the same time. The BioSolar Leaf’s production of oxygen is estimated to be 100 times more than that produced by an acre of forest. Also, due to their scalability and easy installation, the panels are perfect for generating electricity in crowded cities.


The Bio Leaf panels are currently being tested in the West London White City Campus of Imperial College of London, and would highlight the effect of practical, sustainable solutions. Neil Alford is a Professor at Imperial who believes that Arborea was exceptional in delivering it’s services. He said “Air pollution is one of London’s most urgent challenges, and Imperial is committed to finding sustainable and resilient solutions to this threat. This collaboration with Arborea is an exceptional opportunity to showcase the power of CleanTech.”

If every country starts incorporating such sustainable solutions and makes people aware of their benefits, the world would never face a climate crisis. I believe these marvellous inventions need to be discussed at the UN and other International bodies of Climate Change, to aid their effective implementation.

copyright: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/191026/worlds-first-biosolar-leaf-tackle-pollution/

Melchiorri says: “When I founded Arborea my goal was to tackle climate change while addressing the critical issues related to the food system. This pilot plant will produce sustainable healthy food additives while purifying the air, producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the surrounding environment.”

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