8 Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2020

Have you wondered if you get the latest movies and shows for free? Yes, there was a time when such access to movies and shows was easy and it was through Putlockers.

So, what was putlockers and is it available at present. If yes, where and if not what all putlocker/streaming alternatives are available? This article has all these answers. So, go through it and explore.

What is Putlocker?

The various online file hosting index websites are known as putlockers and they are particularly used to stream movies and television series for free. So, any website which gives you the facility to watch and download the latest movies and clips for free at a very early time is putlocker.

Best Putlocker Alternatives

There are a number of putlockers sites and applications that work amazingly. It means that they provide access to various online web series and movies to the user for free. Here we will talk about some of the best alternatives that are available in the market that are acting as putlocker and facilitating the needs of the users.

  • Vimeo

Vimeo is similar to the YouTube app in size and streaming online content. Viemo facilitates streaming videos and independent movies from creators around the world. The video creators are very happy while using Vimeo because of its supportive community and the tools that are available for hosting, streaming and sharing the videos. Vimeo has the facility to download the content directly from the websites and that too in 4k or HD quality as per choice.

  • Los movies:

One of the most popular and visited sites is Los movies. With more than 2000 page long catalog of movies makes it different from other such streaming websites. There is a wide variety of content available, be it movies, web series or TV shows. The users will almost each and every kind of content they require. The trending movies and latest hits are easily available on this website. You can also check out free live sports streaming sites if you want to watch sports online.

But there is one drawback also of using Los movies. The website gives you a large number of pop-ups and ads and one wrong click can lead to multiple websites and sometimes even to suspicious web sites even. So to get rid of this, subscribe to the add free version or install pop-ups blocker at it best.

  • Popcornflix:

A platform where the visitors can stream online shows and movies without spending a single penny. The sole aim of this website is to provide access to its visitors with the latest movies at no cost and for this Popcornflix has all types of movies. Be it action, horror, comedy or sci-fi. Everything is available in its original language and different video qualities.

This website also provides a large catalog to choose from the best and desirable content. The bottom of the page has options for different categories. To open it click on it and wait for the response and then click on the middle play button on the clip and enjoy what you wish to see.

  1. Watch online series:

A one-stop solution for those who are crazy about the web series and TV shows. When you can not control your craving for the next episode, Watch online is the place to satisfy your hunger and finish the suspense before anybody can do it. Each and every TV show is available on this Cinevoly website and in high streaming quality.

  • 123 movies:

So, here is the website that caters to the needs of adults as well as children. Apart from movies and TV shows, this website contains cartoon series also. And moreover, the animated and Asian dramas are also available at no cost. The best feature of this website is that unlike other websites it does not have its own server, but provides content from third-party affiliates and making it legal. Like others have their own servers and it seems illegal 123 movies is not so.

  • SolarMovie:

A website does not get popular depending alone on its contents. But the way the content is presented. And this is the USP of SolarMovie. The design and features of the website are so user-friendly that it is the biggest online streaming site on the internet so far. Apart from this, the selection of movies and shows that are available on the website is one of the best.

The movies and content are divided into trending one, Most viewed and hits and popular among the public, etc. This kind of bifurcation of the movies and shows makes it unique and popular among internet users.

  • Primewire:

Another alternative for putlocker is the Primewire. Primewire though not so popular because of its design and user interface but is a tough competition for its competitors. As it is not the first choice but it sometimes becomes the last choice for series freak persons because it covers almost all kinds of content ranging from top Hollywood to the latest Bollywood movies and web series.

Apart from a wide variety of content, the quality of the videos is available in three formats. They are low, medium and high. And the best thing about Primewire is that it can be accessed through the mobile data as well without worrying about the availability of wi-fi connection.

  • Rainerland:

One of the best websites of its type is Rainerland. The user interface of this website is its USP where the viewer can see all the latest movies and web series on the homepage itself. Rainerland is full of movies and shows of all types of the genre are it thriller, comedy or romance. You can find all you want.


We hope that you all got to know some of the Best Putlocker Alternatives. Above mentioned are some of the best alternatives that we discussed. There are others also like FMovies, Yes Movies, Cmovies, Cyberflix TV, etc. but we introduced you to the best on.

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