7 Reasons to Start Writing Daily & How One Can Benefit From It


What would happen if you started to write everyday for 30 days? Without waiting for “the perfect moment” when “everything goes quiet and there’s a minute” for writing. A small spoiler – using your creative superpower everyday will:

  • Develop critical thinking
  • Improve mood and well-being
  • Increase productivity

This list can be endless. Let’s take a look a the main advantages of writing everyday.

Top Benefits of Daily Text Creation

1.  Stress Relief

Text creation can perform a therapeutic function. It can be a valve for releasing the unnecessary pressure that weighs on your mind, transforming them into a much more obedient form on paper (or screen). You can deal with anger, fear, anxiety, and stress without having any problem.

Text creation can be a form of discharge so that you can finally say what you could not say in reality. The main thing is to make sure that your feelings, spilled out on paper, do not fall into the wrong hands.

Also, stress can be caused by a huge workload and it can be easily prevented by regularly planned work. For example, if a student has to write a lot of essays it is easier to do it not in the last minute but throughout the semester. Of course, in some situations it is also hard to write every day, that is why students order essays from special services like https://essaypro.com/.

2.  Good Mood

Most of the research on how writing relates to a sense of happiness concerns an expressive text creation – a record of what you think and feel. The most obvious example of expressive writing is a diary. Blogging has the same therapeutic effect as hand writing.

Expressive text creation improves mood and well-being, reduces stress levels. Besides, the inability to express oneself in writing prevents communication with other people, sharing experiences and feelings. Making your thoughts concrete and putting them in order is not easy during verbal conversations. The habit of constantly writing helps to cope with it.

3.  It Helps To Get Over The Hard Times

In one study of recently laid-off engineers, it was found that those who regularly wrote and expressed their thoughts on paper were quicker in finding new jobs. Participants in the experiment noted that when describing experiences which they could not share with anyone, they did not deny the difficulties, and tried to accept them and go through them.

Therefore, as time went by, the experiences were relegated to the background. When you write about traumatic events, you get rid of feelings of depression. Also, you must not force yourself to get rid of negative experiences. The recording should happen naturally and bring satisfaction to the person who is doing it.

4.  Clean Head

Have you ever opened many tabs in your browser at once? It’s hard to not get confused or distracted by them. You open the same tabs in your head when you try to think about a lot of ideas, cases, plans at once. The habit of writing gives form to your thoughts, you move them from head to paper and make room.

5.  Written is Easier to Remember

Information is easier to remember when you understand its importance and write it down in your own words. Creating an interesting piece of writing will require discipline and self-organization: you need to be constantly focused, looking for new sources of information, inspiration, and knowledge.

When you are in search of new ideas, you develop your thinking, analysis and research skills, learn to get to the bottom of things and find topics that concern you personally. By devoting time to writing, you learn to solve problems more effectively.

If you spend some time writing on the same topic, you will quickly move from well-known ideas to new ones and then be able to create something unique. So, many writers started with one paragraph, which then turned into an essay, the essay started a series of articles, and the articles became a whole book.

6.  Take Criticism More Easily

In today’s world, everybody wants to tell about themselves in one way or another. Each person can publish his creation and share it with others. Just think how astonishing it is that you can influence another person with your words. When someone writes you a letter of appreciation for the work you have shared, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised.

7.  Follow The Geniuses

Hemingway wrote 500 words every day. Mostly he did it in the mornings until midday heat. Fact: In his letter to Fitzgerald, he wrote that he had ninety-one pages of worthless writing that made one page of the masterpiece. Hemingway preferred to work standing up for hours, switching from one foot to the next, carrying the weight from one foot to the other.

Final Thoughts

First of all, find the motivation that will work best for you. What task do you want to solve with texts? Texts, as you have already understood, can do a lot of things, you just need to choose what is most interesting for you. Then set yourself some interesting goal. For example, get the first hundred followers on a blog within one month.

Add memos to your diary for the next three weeks – every day at least 30 minutes to allocate for text creation (according to the goal). It is said that the habit can be formed in 21 days, so go ahead.

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