10 Popular Sources for Company Information and Research!



Industry executives, analysts, and market professionals often need reliable, up-to-date information about a product for a range of industry and strategic intelligence purposes, such as: 

  • Knowing the financial health of an organization and key business divisions,
  •  Identifying and evaluating potential customers, distributors, and suppliers
  • Searching for investment and acquisition opportunities,
  • Capitalizing on a company, etc.

Tracking corporate information may sound like looking for a needle in a vast haystack, mainly if you’re working with a small private corporation with no history of public disclosure. To help you, here’s a list of 10 accessible sources for company information and research;

  • Tofler

Tofler presents businesses with a research network that delivers enterprise solutions, analysis, API applications, and sales and marketing services.

Tofler provides research reports, company information , business records, and corporate risk management and reporting tools. It also allows its consumers to find information about their export and import shipments.

  • GlobalData

GlobalData is a crucial source of actionable insight into the consumer goods, infrastructure, and healthcare industries. GlobalData provides different types of client profiles; others include the succinct strategic SWOT analysis and financial overview, while others are more comprehensive and detailed pipeline technologies for production and current clinical trials.

  • ICD Research

ICD Research publishes thousands of business profiles across a wide range of vertical lines, from manufacturing, building, security, distribution, mining, travel and tourism, and consumer products. The company profiles of ICD Research contain in-depth information and data on the company and its operations, such as primary products and services, financial ratios, and key personnel.

  • SGA ExecutiveTracker

It produces executive lists that are verified by telephone for accuracy every three months. In addition to executive connections, SGA Executive Tracker reports list key decision-makers, headquarters positions, ticker symbols, sales estimates, and the number of employees profiled for each company.

  • MarketLine

MarketLine is today one of the most prominent publishers of business information. Its reports are designed to provide a 360-degree view of the company and may include a detailed SWOT analysis, strategy case studies and mergers, and acquisitions. MarketLine presents information in an easy-to-read way so that you can digest essential details in minutes, not hours.

  • Timetric

Timetric researches a wide range of sectors, including construction, mining, infrastructure, payments, insurance, and wealth. The business overview and SWOT analysis reports are designed to give you insight into internal and external influences that could have an impact on the industry and help you identify future collaborations and suppliers.

  • PrivCo

PrivCo provides financial reports to private companies, investigating 900,000 private companies worldwide. PrivCo aggregates information from regulatory filings, news sources, and industry data. This refines the details using algorithms, and the findings are then analyzed and verified by experts.

  • World Market Intelligence

World Market Intelligence represents more than 75,000 of the world’s leading companies and organizations and offers SWOT analysis for the top 10,000. It also reports on quarterly and annual business accounts.

  • CEO Express

CEOExpress.com is built to be the ultimate executive assistant possible, offering a platform that consumers would have developed themselves if they had the time to do so. It collects and organizes the information needs of managers while incorporating features that make their lives even more organized and productive.

  • Redbooks

Now available via Winmo. It covers both advertising agencies and marketers. For advertising agencies, they have simple company information, media specialties, and a list of customers. To advertisers, it includes necessary company information, goods that they advertise, and advertising budgets.

For Entrepreneurs looking to do their own things, here’s a step-by-step guide on company intelligence:

  1. Identifying the Company
  2. Profiling the Company
  3. Knowing the latest news and in-depth analytics of the company
  4. Surfing the company’s website thoroughly
  5. Examining the company’s finance, performance, growth rate, and market presence
  6. Succinct company strategy
  7. Locating investment research reports and files
  8. Testing the waters ( surveying competition in the industry )
  9. Learning company analysis on a professional level
  10. Compiling all the data and creating your own database

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