Why should you fly to Mumbai for a vacation?


India is a diverse country filled with many places that are worth exploring. Thus, it is no surprise that countless foreign tourists visit the country year after year. Some visit India for its exotic appeal while others come to this part of the world to learn about the country’s rich culture and history. Simply put, tourists visit India for many reasons that vary from individual to individual. What connects all of them is the fact they seek a respite from the routines of their day-to-day lives. But, even after deciding to travel to India, tourists need to plan an itinerary. That is not an easy task by any means. A country as big and diverse as India offers so many avenues for adventures that creating an itinerary can be quite overwhelming. Moreover, everybody’s travel plans will be different as everybody’s schedule will be different. Thus, it is not possible to create a universal itinerary that serves the needs of all travelers from all across the globe. However, we can offer the next best thing in the form of a suggestion. If you’re planning to visit India, start your journey by exploring the landmarks and streets of Mumbai. You can do so by booking direct flights to Mumbai from the USA.

Here’s a list of reasons why Mumbai is a great place to begin your trip to India:-

Mumbai is home to many breathtaking beaches

If you’re someone who feels a sense of belongingness on beach areas, Mumbai will make you feel right at home. After all, home is more of a feeling than a concrete place. The ocean surrounding the coastline of Mumbai is that of the Arabian Sea. Its blueness can be witnessed in all the beaches in Mumbai. You can board direct flights to Mumbai from the USA to witness the beaches in India’s financial capital. Juhu Beach is a popular choice among tourists. Visiting Juhu Beach during the sunset will further elevate your experience. Watching the sun get gulped into the vastness of the sea is a sight that will stay with you for a long time. Moreover, just idly sitting along the shores with your hands resting on the sand behind your back, and your legs pointing towards the sea is a rewarding experience in itself. When the ocean water hits your feet whilst you observe the sun rays making hues on the ocean surface, you feel teleported to a different world altogether. All in all, Mumbai has many beaches that you can visit to indulge in the beauty of the ocean. Marine Drive is yet another interesting place to visit that radiates an aura similar to that of a typical beach.

Mumbai’s Monsoon is an other-worldly phenomenon

Rains in Mumbai are known to last for days at a stretch. The precipitation in this city of India is among the highest among all parts of the country. As a tourist, you’ll feel the romanticism of the Monsoon rains in the atmosphere, and feel a sense of liveliness that is difficult to put into words. The roadside street food tastes especially yummy in this season of the year. Make sure that you try Vada Pav and Chai after getting drenched in the monsoon rain at least once. Chances are that you’ll get hooked to the experience after your first indulgence. Nonetheless, give this combination a go. 

Mumbai’s architecture is emblematic of India’s rich heritage

As soon as you enter Mumbai, you’ll be drawn in by the colonial architecture that acts as one of the distinguishing factors of the city. Simply put, Mumbai’s architecture has an irreplaceability that makes it unique and thought-provoking. From the newly-renovated Taj to the Gateway of India, Mumbai is home to many historical landmarks. From an architectural point-of-view, these places seem as if they’re communicating unique stories with their design. In a few words, it can be said that Mumbai’s architecture doesn’t feel like an inanimate entity. It feels like a creature in its own right that speaks to you. Moreover, the financial capital of India houses many skyscrapers and marvels of modern architecture that intricately contrast the city’s traditional design. In other words, the co-existence of so many different architectural styles is a sight for sore eyes. If you’re a photographer, this aspect of Mumbai will put a big smile on your face. Thereafter, you can lend your camera to a local and capture it for years to come. This captured smile with Mumbai’s streets in the backdrop can make investing in cheap tickets to Mumbai from the USA worthwhile.

Mumbais bazaars imbibe India’s diversity in a perfect manner

India is the largest democracy in the world. People from varying backgrounds co-exist in a peaceful manner and enrich the country with their skills and attributes. Consequently, India is home to several coalesced art styles. This is something easily visible in the bazaars on Mumbai. From fashion apparel to antiquities, Mumbai’s markets host a wide range of products fit for customers from all walks of life. Even the fish-markets in Mumbai exhibit the country’s diversity in an extremely visible manner.

Mumbai is the place where dreams turn to reality

It is not by mere coincidence that Indians call Mumbai the city of dreams. Since the country’s film industry is housed in Mumbai, it is the city where thousands of people come year after year with dreams of becoming movie stars and icons. The widespread business network in the city also encourages people from different parts of the country to relocate to Mumbai in search of new and rewarding opportunities. It is not dumb luck that many influential people in the country live in this city. Mumbai is a place where dreams come true and many living reminders of the fact grace the city daily. Thus, it can be fun to explore the charm of this dream-factory as a tourist.

The Take-Away

Many direct flights to Mumbai are easily available. You can buy cheap tickets to Mumbai from the USA by using online booking platforms. They offer heavy discounts if you book flight tickets at the right time. The key is to book as early as possible.

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