What Happens To Our Bones During Adolescence?


As you’re crossing the threshold of being adolescent, you are facing a chaotic stage of your life. Adolescence is a stage where diverse changes occur in your mental and physical being. These changes can be devastating for you but you only need to understand these changes in order to adapt to it. Among the visible changes during your adolescence is your height. When talking about height this has something to do with your skeletal growth, involving the increase of bone length and mass.

There are factors that affect skeletal development. These are your physical activities, food intake and environment or psychological factors. These factors may affect the bone growth with the following explanation.

Physical activities –this plays an important role in the development of bones before adolescent stage. How intense, frequent and the length of time you spend on exercises will have great impact in the development of your bones. Running and jumping are the two basic weight bearing exercises you can perform to help your bones become strong as you age. These exercises also have great impact on the development of your bone mass. Weight bearing exercises must be performed before the pre-pubertal period or ages between 10-14 years old.

Food intake –Physical activities for your bone is not enough to help development strong bones during adolescent. You need a proper and healthy nutrition to achieve strong bones. Calcium rich food and drink must be number one on your list. Veggies, milk products, fruits and meat products are needed to build strong bones and ligaments. Aside from calcium, your bones also need other vitamins and minerals such as protein, sodium, zinc and iron to name a few. Therefore, you must check it with your nutritionist what other foods you have to take to help build and maintain strong bones during adolescences.

Environmental and psychological factors –stress, tension, depression and anxiety during childhood and pre-puberty stage might have an effect to your bone growth. These factors will not stop your bone to grow but it can trigger underlying other factors to delay bone development. Hazardous substance from your environment may also affect bone growth. Inadequate rest and sleep may also trigger delay in bone growth.

These are the factors that affect bone growth. During adolescent, your bones need to be healthy and strong because you are facing a more challenging life as adolescent. The bone grows and bone mass were developed during adolescent. This is a happening in your physical being that marks remarkable changes as move on to the next stage of your life called adolescent.

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