Want a perfect curly hair? Choose the best quality curl cream for accurate result!


Hello girls! As you may know, the curl cream is a product that always generates a lot of doubts among the women. Most of them cannot identify what its real function is, its advantages and how to use it. But in this post we will show you absolutely everything you need to know about the Moroccanoil curl defining cream, a product that has what it takes to help structure the curls, and still keep the hair well nourished. Moroccan oil curl defining cream lets you easily define your hair curls while hydrating them. This specialized cream belongs to one of the most popular brands which assures your hair a bouncy, well defined, and natural curly looks every time.

What is and what is the curl activator for?

The curl cream activator is a product that aims to reactivate the “memory” of the curls. Thus the wires can return to the original shape. Typically this product is used to help those who are undergoing or going through the hair transition to have more defined curls. But any woman with curly, or wavy hair can use it. This is because as it helps to reactivate the locks memory. It will be much easier to define the curls. Because of this, it is so important to know the options available in the market and find the one that best fits your needs. You can use Moroccan oil curl cream which is one of the best curl cream in the market available for now. Its primary benefits are –

  • Perfect for those who have frizzy hair.
  • It has a scientific heat-activated technology which offers a curl memory factor.
  • It has ingredients like vitamin e, argon oil, etc.
  • It helps to fight against split ends.
  • It has the availability of hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein.

Curly Activator x Combing Cream: What’s the Difference?

A lot of people think that the curl activator is the same as the comb cream, but these products are completely different. The purpose of the combing cream is to help detangle the strands. In addition, it also helps in moisturizing the locks. The Moroccanoil curl activator has as its main function helping you to model the wires. That is, leave the curls well defined, and in the desired format. Also, it should be used after the cream. With it you can have beautiful curls, but under control. Another difference from the curl activator is that it also helps control frizz. Both products should be present in your daily care, as well as a shampoo that is aimed at those who have curly hair. All of them together will directly stimulate the hair fiber of your locks. This will make your hair even healthier, more beautiful and wonderful.

How to use curl activator cream?

To use the curl activator correctly has no secret. Just follow the walkthrough below. First wash your hair with products suitable for curly, and wavy hair. In addition to the specially designed shampoo and conditioner to aid in the definition. After bathing you can apply the cream to comb normally. Now divide your hair into four parts, and use hairpins to keep them well separated. Then separate each part into small strands, and apply the curl activator. Do this on all the hair. Then start to tape the threads, kneading them always from the bottom up. Now just let the product fix well on the wires. If you prefer, you can also use a fixative after applying the curl activator. This way the curls will last much longer. Ideally, look for options that have sun protection. This way your wires will be even more protected. All of these elements together will make your hair look even more beautiful and healthy.

Choose the right curl activator

Cream version is moisturizing. It is the most popular among curl activator versions and also assists in moisturizing hair. Apply the equivalent of a dime to your hands, then apply to the length and knead the strands with your hands. If you want to make sure the strands stay in place longer then the best option is mousse.

Will you use the dryer? Curly yarns are often more brittle, and dry than other types of yarns. Therefore suffer greatly from the heat of the dryer. To minimize damage, and keep the curls in place there is the diffuser – type of accessory that attaches to the mouthpiece of the device and better distributes air, making the curls do not get goose bumps. While the curl activator has a very clear function, which is to leave curls defined and without frizz, the combing cream has as its main function to untangle the wet strands, while the curl humidifier returns the shape of the curls that were shapeless due to external aggressions.

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