The 6 most Exotic Golf Courses in the World


As of today, there definitely are many golf courses around the world. Some are well known to us but some aren’t. There are quite interesting golf courses and for that matter, some exotic ones that have probably not been widely published out there. Most known courses like Vale do Lobo Ocean Golf Course in Algarve, Portugal continues to thrive but there are those in unusual places that golf enthusiasts tend to be envious of. Actually, some of the incredible golf courses are situated in unusual places. Places like Africa and Asia where you probably haven’t thought of gone for golfing host such. Here are the 6 most exotic golf courses in the world:

  1. Verdura Golf and Spa Resort in Sicily, Italy

The Verdura golf course is situated on a 230-hectare resort adjacent to a coastline covering 2km.  There are 3 golf courses, a private beach and sea views that are uninterrupted to travelers. The place has enough and spacious facilities for use by golfers providing the kind of experience one is looking for while on the go. It is the kind of gold course you haven’t seen in many regions.

2. Kauri Cliffs at Matauri Bay New Zealand

This golf course has 3 private beaches, 18-hole golf course and tennis courts. It is situated on 6000-acre land next to the Matauri bay. Golfer’s get the best of experience while taking part in golf activities and enjoying the facilities built to enhance their stay here. Basically, there are facilities such as fitness centers, spa pools and a restaurant among other amenities that are inviting to the guests.

3. Elea Golf Club Cyprus in Greece

This is a stunning setting offering one of the best world golfing experiences. It is situated in the prestigious Elea estate in Cyprus including many natural features and great views of the Mediterranean. It is increasingly becoming a top golf destination in and around the world with its elegance and attention to details. It presents an atmosphere that golfers can relate with in many fronts.

4. Falsterbo Golfklubb in Sweden

The Falsterbo Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course situated at the Falsterbo peninsula tip in Sweden. It is a 30 minutes’ drive from the Malmo city Centre. It is among Sweden’s oldest golf clubs and among the renowned ones in Europe. It is a typical example of a golf course characteristic of sand dunes and dispersed vegetation and low lying areas making it one of the exotic places to be for golfers.

5. Mission Hill Golf Club in China

The Mission Hill Golf club offers an unusual setting yet an admirable sight for golf enthusiasts travelling to China. It gives golfers enough run through the six holes especially for the Olazabal Course located at Mission Hills Shenzhen. It is a busy course with 12 independent fields that makes it offer enough diversity. There is more than just a golf course to behold due to the exciting scenery.

6. Danang Golf Course in Vietnam

The Danang Golf course is somewhat a new golf course that opened in 2010 but has gained international repute partly due to its exotic setting and nature. Years after it was established and open, it was considered the best golf course in Asia and this has not been without a reason. It is a dream destination for golfers today!

Final Thoughts

More than just experiencing golf activities, golf courses have come a long way to offer great tourism experiences. That is why we have seen a rise of exotic gold courses such as have been discussed here! Any golf enthusiast would want to explore them!

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