Tenacity and Persistency- Leadership Themes


The issue of success to many is about making money and that money is the one and only thing that really matters. Much of the time, while pursuing success; the obstacle of discontentment arises from losing perspective of what it all means. In my view, if the variable of nobility is not connected to the pursuit of success, a lack of drive is eminent. Many times successful leaders and or those who have accomplished great achievements do it without really realising that underneath all that hard work the driving force was there yet unrealised. How because they did not realize that all along they wanted to succeed to help others; how, by helping their parents, their family or helping others to find a job or helping someone through relationship enhancement techniques, the list is endless.

The central premise most leaders fully understand and they understand it clearly, is living by driven meaningful values; based on their vision and their mission. Successful leaders are skillful in being judicious about the importance of listening for the purpose of learning and they understand that learning is an ongoing transformation that takes numerous courses, stages and sequences. Leaders are great communicators and understand how critical it is to create an atmosphere embracement and bring others together for the purpose of reaching that sought vision. Success does not come as a lone ranger; it takes a team and it takes people there willing to be part of that team, that team of success.

Most leaders have an innate natural ability like a carpenter with his tool box; except leaders have a tool box loaded with the tools of knowing on how to plan projects, they know the processes of being a mediator in resolving conflict and of course they know how to lead for new horizons. A central theme that great leaders are aware of is that they are typically quite hard on themselves and welcome the aspects of self evaluations. If individuals in leadership positions are not capable of taking action on corrective measures found by external or internal critics then are doomed. If one takes a look at some of the corporation that are falling prey posed by the challenges of the economic uncertainties; one could soon identify that such circumstances were brought about by a lack of project the signs that where there and ignoring them; case in point Montgomery Ward, Circuit City, The Housing industry, etc. One must be perceptive about trends and have the knowledge to know how to act on issues that are resolvable that will have a lasting affect toward progress.

It is imperative that leadership be molded on the principals of appreciating and valuing people. The fundamental component in leadership is respect. Respect is at the core of creating trust and ensuring that integrity will be a central form of practice in the operations of managing projects and executing a mandate. There needs to be some ground rules for management implementation of human behavior relationships in the professional setting. As the approaches of ground rules are in order the skills for bring people together for the common goal of the overall organisational achievements then begins to take form and it takes form in a way that excellence is the expected outcome.

Leaders aspire to make a difference and they make a difference that incorporates the key factors of courage and resiliency as they continue to learn while they lead and flexible to change a different path for the common good in meeting the aspired goal. The Central theme of leadership is always the diligence of tenacity and persistency.

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