Ten Bungy Jumping Destinations In Australia

In every chosen adventure, location is crucial to its successful and maximum enjoyment. Australia boasts several great locations to go bungy jumping. Here are just a few of many:

  1. Cairns, Queensland. With only wet and dry as its seasons, Cairns is the perfect location for any hotfooted adrenalin junkie to try bungy jumping. Blue skies, warm weather and gentle breezes make up a day in Cairns. Enjoy an adventure with the most pristine rainforests as your backdrop. Get set for the hottest adventure as you do bungy in the balmiest and most scenic place in Australia.
  2. Darwin, Northern Territory. Considered having the most youthful people in the region; Darwin is a perfect setting for extreme sports. Enjoy salt-water jelly fish free lakes, spectacular waterfalls and historical sites. It’s a place where everything is green, but still you can enjoy a wide array of vibrant and electrifying entertainment from pubs and dining places.
  3. Perth, Western Australia. For an ultimate thrilling experience, try Perth’s perfect locations. Bungy jumping at its best is complimented by spectacular views of the Swan River, great architectural landmarks, and amazing tourist attractions. Choose your adventure in Perth and come home with more than you expected!
  4. Adelaide, South Australia. A very scenic place that is set on the side of the Torrens River, surrounded by green parks with a backdrop of the rolling hills of the Mt. Lofty Range. The free and easy lifestyle makes Adelaide a great location with its mostly cloudy weather for a cool day of adventure.
  5. Canberra, ACT. Amidst museums, parliament house, art galleries, rugby and cricket matches, Botanic gardens and beautiful parks, Canberra is also a location for a great bungy jump experience. With a remarkable nature side, Canberra has an array of extensive trails, and natural reserves that are less than an hour away from the city. Top off an unforgettable experience with Canberra’s famous natural reserves.
  6. Torquay, Victoria also offers bungy jumping adventures on a seasonal basis. Known as Australia’s surf capital, Torquay has also added this heart pounding activity to its repertoire of action packed activities.
  7. Rockhampton, Queensland. Top off a perfect experience in Rockhampton with a cruise over Australia’s largest river and the city’s lifeline, the Fitzroy. Relax in botanical gardens; go back in time with the Heritage Route. You can also opt to relax in one of the boat houses after an exhilarating adventure.
  8. Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia’s number one Holiday destination with its beautiful white sand beaches, the Gold Coast hosts many adrenalin pumping sports and activities, including bungy jumping. Scream with excitement at being hurled downwards from unimaginable heights. It’s what the Gold Coast is best known for, pure adrenaline surge and memories of a lifetime.
  9. Hobart, Tasmania. Australia’s only island state has the world’s most renowned wilderness areas. A heart shaped island that is more than just pristine white sand beaches, is also home to this most thrilling sport.
  10. Queenstown, New Zealand. Although not in Australia, Queenstown is the home of bungy jumping, it houses several appropriate sites. Create your own adventure as you customize your jump with the different styles of bungy jumping. Go from nervous to the maximum and extremely elated in five minutes!

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