Some tips to learn guitar easily and quickly


Learning to play the guitar is a dream that many people think is unattainable after a certain age. Yet there is no age limit for learning to play an instrument. In fact the secret is above all to start with small exercises and to practice them every day.

Indeed, it is better to play 5 minutes a day rather than 1 hour on weekends. On the guitar, it is very important to develop what is called “muscle memory”. Like an athlete, the muscles of your hands must get used to the positions of the fingers, and therefore chords, and there is no secret, it takes time, though … I will reveal a tip that will allow you to learn faster!

Here are some guitar tips for beginners

To become a good guitarist, you have to do the learning step by step. The first task is to try to hold your instrument properly. Then, you have to discover the notes produced by each string. The next step is to work on the scales and learn the chords. These are harmonic ensembles comprising at least three notes.

To create a C major chord, for example, you need to combine the C, E, G notes. On the other hand, to obtain a major G chord, you must associate the G notes, B, D. You must then position your fingers on the boxes to be able to play these basic arrangements.

The composition of the chords will become more complicated as your learning progresses. Know that to interpret a piece of music, you must know several chords. By cons, if you started with music theory, just read a score. This is why it is often said that mastering music theory is an advantage for a future musician.

Some tips to take into account

To maximize your chance of becoming a good guitarist, there are some precautions to take and some tips to apply.

Play slowly and correctly

It is a rule to be respected by all beginners in the practice of the guitar. Most of them tend to want to learn too quickly. However, to succeed, you have to play slowly, but correctly. To learn a chord, for example, make sure your fingers are in the right position. Again, if you learn on your own, it makes you have the discipline to do things seriously. You have to know how to take a step back from your musical learning.

Train regularly

To believe that by playing for hours from time to time, you will advance quickly is a mistake. The idea is to work regularly for a shorter duration. For example, it is better to schedule 15 minutes of daily workouts than to play for 3 hours each Sunday. Do not hesitate to review our advice for working well in music.

Know how to ask for help

No matter how much you want and want to succeed on your own, asking advice from more experienced guitarists is a good idea, especially if you get stuck. They can, among other things, correct your mistakes and help you adopt good habits. This may be an intermediate solution. You learn by yourself but you are “checked” from time to time by a teacher who gives you some useful tips to continue.

Opt for a well-structured learning

Learning to play the guitar actually requires a well-structured method. It is better to train at the conservatory or takes lessons with a teacher. However, if you have opted for learning alone, you must equip yourself with adequate tools.

You can use books, DVDs and free tutorials available on the Internet or take an online guitar lessons course. You can also use learning software created especially for apprentice guitarists. Warning! It is strongly advised not to change the learning method frequently. So from the start you have to make the right choice.

Before starting any method, make sure there is a guideline, a lesson plan. Make no mistake: if a technique or a difficulty is addressed, it is not for nothing. Dodging it will not help you when you encounter this difficulty in a song.

Show patience and persistence

This advice often comes up, as it is most important when learning a musical instrument. You cannot become a guitarist overnight. You have to work tirelessly and train a lot. Even in case of difficulty, there is no question of giving up. Perseverance is required.

Patience is also required when it comes to learning music. Indeed, the fact that progress is slow does not matter. The goal is to successfully complete each exercise and master each lesson.

It is not particular to the guitar. Learning to play a musical instrument cannot be done in a few hours. Those who promise it are wrong, or worse, you are wrong! Learning music involves many difficulties. Some are linked to the learning of music theory, music theory and everything you need to remember.

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