Scuba Diving in Europe

Planning a European flare for your upcoming diving trip? Cities in Europe have always been the dream destination of any traveler and these locations are likely not short of great scuba diving sites as well. Here is a rundown of European countries noted as scuba diving destinations and the adventures they offer along their shores:

  1. Great Britain. Scotland and Orkney is host to some of the world’s best wreck dive sites. The wrecks are a picturesque scene with all the equipment still intact while surrounding marine life have made it their home. The wreckages in Blockship Tabarka, Scapa Flow and Orkney are a good place to conduct your dive since these sites are easy to penetrate and offer great visibility. 
  2. Greece. This prime European destination offers a refreshing boost of local culture and nature. The main diving site is located in Caldera, Santorini which displays awesome rock formations arising from volcanic activity. Adiaviade and Mansell Reef in Santorini, on the other hand, boast of colorful reef formations, groupers, red snappers, octopuses and barracudas along its shores. Going further and you’ll step into Chios Island, which is home to interesting undersea caves that are worthy to explore. The dive sites are operated by accessible and competent dive establishments, facilities, training centers and dive shops that endeavor to provide the best service for that ultimate scuba diving experience.
  3. Iceland. In its dive spots, scuba diving can be thought of as the game of the more privileged and technical scuba divers. Due to the freezing temperatures of its waters, scuba divers are required to gear up in a dry suit (priced heftier than the regular neoprene wetsuit) and carry frost-protected scuba equipment. Nevertheless, most scuba divers find it worth all the trouble. Silfra in Thingvellir, Iceland is renowned for its crystal clear waters. And when diving during the day, be amazed over the encounter of daylight striking the waters to create rainbow-like colors. Flosagja and Haagja in Thingvellir, meanwhile, offer underwater caverns for the pleasure of experienced divers only.
  4. Ireland. Diamond Rocks in Kilkee, Ireland is a dive site enriched with underwater wildlife coupled with stunning rock formations amidst pristine and clear waters. Carraroe is also teeming with bountiful fish species and beautiful coral reef formations.

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