Preparing Your Child For Preschool!


Pre-k, the first step your child takes in the world of education and learning, understanding of the world and the self. It may also be called the developmental phase for the child, the child who is still very new to the world, all ready to explore it. And for this very phase, or rather the base of your child’s life, it is necessary to be prepared AND prepare the child well for the same.

Parents, usually new parents tend to freak out a lot during this phase of the child’s life because it is inevitable that preschool will be a life-changing change and a life-changing one for the kid and they HAVE to be prepared for any and everything. Hence, here is an article to help you prepare your child for their world outside the world, The Preschool.

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➢      Tell Them About Preschool –

Don’t just drop this on them, rather start telling them in advance about the preschool and what all they’d do there as well as every positive thing you can tell the child about starting preschool so they feel more excited to go. If possible, take them around the preschool for a drive and mention it’s their preschool. Make them more comfortable with the preschool, make it seem familiar to them. It will make it easier for them to adapt and start learning faster. Do consider Elements Pre K New York for your kid if you are in New York.

➢      Comfort Your Child With A New Idea –

Considering how kids are too young when they enter preschool, any sort of change may not be taken well as it’s too early for them to get adapted to something new. Hence, start their preschool prep by making them comfortable with new places, new situations, and new people. This is definitely hard but start small like leaving them with another family member or at daycare to see how they react to a new environment and new people around them. Some kids tend to not take it well and respond violently, this would be a great way to understand how your child will adapt and probably a key point you might wanna share with their preschool teachers too.

➢      Make Your Child Feel Independent –

When they enter preschool, you wouldn’t be with them for at least a few hours every day to see if they are able to eat on their own well or if they are able to do small personal chores on their own. For that, start teaching your child to be independent to do the littlest things on their own. Assist them but make sure they eat on their own, are able to go to the washroom on their own and are able to dress up and tidy themselves. All of these will be very important when they enter preschool, which will make them feel independent and their experience at the preschool better.

➢      Do Your Research Well –

The parents are as nervous about the preschool as the kid is, or even more. And I know a lot of parents plan about this WAY in advance, which may or may not be necessary. But yes, do take your own sweet time while deciding the preschool for your child, because who wouldn’t want the best and well finding the best requires a good amount of time and research. If possible, visit the preschools personally and maybe with your kid to make the right choice. There is absolutely no harm checking out potential options to zero down on one, THE ONE preschool for your child.

➢      Establish A Routine –

Your child’s day in preschool will rather be quite eventful and hence I’m sure most of you must have started getting them used to it. I would suggest establishing a routine wherein you spend time with your kid and talk about what they learned at preschool and what all they did. Make them run you through their day to better understand their routine and accommodate it outside of the preschool as well. Always keep them excited about going to the preschool and talk about it at home too. Decide on a sleep pattern and encourage them to eat well as part of this routine. You will see a lot of discipline in them when you start establishing a routine for them to follow. Support them and do it with them, help them learn and make sure they can keep talking to you if they ever face a problem.

➢      Be A Part Of It –

This goes unsaid that as parents, you should be involved and be part of their life in the preschool. Attend all parent meetings at the preschool and keep an update on how your child is doing. Keep in touch with the teachers as well. Go ahead and support the child at preschool events where they participate and encourage them as much as you can. You can also randomly drop or pick them up and pay them visits if you want. You can also interact with their friends and their parents and develop healthy relations with the people in your kid’s life. Believe it, it makes it easier for you AND the kid to cope up with an early and new stage as this.

It definitely is hard watching your child go to preschool and step into a new environment and try to learn and grow but believe me, these blissful moments for you and your child and if you are well prepared, it’s all smooth sailing and maybe some of the most memorable years for you as a parent too.

Author Name: Shilpa Sethi

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Shilpa Sethi is founder of Elements Preschool in New York is a stringent believer of nature being the true teacher. By preaching and implementing the aspects and benefits of nature-based learning she is advocating for a better education system for our future generations.

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