Mind Power, Goal Seeding, and More: An Innovative Success Mantra


Needless to say, the mind is a powerful tool that governs one’s life. The kind of mind that you have reflects your habitual beliefs. It is always best to you constantly feed your mind with positive and good thoughts. Modern philosophy on mind power also believes that how you view things could be a determinant of how your life would turn out and how successful you would become. To bring out the best in yourself, make good use of mind power. Its power also extends to changing long-term habits, accomplishing difficult tasks or succeeding at work. Mind power goal seeding, visualization, affirmation and contemplation are just some of the mind tricks that you could do. Here is a brief discussion of these so that you could apply them on your quest for an improved and more successful life:

1. Affirmations.

Do you have the habit of looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself positive things like “I’m pretty,” “Don’t you just love those smiles” or “No one ever has this gorgeous body?” Well, these are forms of affirmations. Affirmations are short (usually one sentence or less), positive statements that you say to yourself silently or out loud for encouragement. This kind of trick won’t let you down at work as well. When tasked to accomplish a difficult project, just let out an affirmation such as, “I’m good. I can do this.” With affirmations such as these, you fill your mind with the things you want to happen; hence, you are more likely to get positive results or achieve your goals.

2. Visualization.

Reality could really bite sometimes; but with this tool, you have the power to alter it. And so to place reality right at your fingertips, decide first which events or things you want to change, then set aside 5-10 minutes of visualization which includes every detail needed. And for it to really happen, make it real in your mind and practice it every day.

3. Seeding.

A tool that adds a twist to visualization. Mind power goal seeding allows you to think of the goal as something that has already transpired and your feeling after. With this, you experience the sweet taste of success and you have to use that as the driving force that could lead you to that goal in the real world. Hence, seed habitually those things that you want and make them happen by watering them with your feelings.

4. Contemplation.

This is the ability to think beyond surface details. To do this, you have to think of a goal and give yourself a deadline to achieve it. Erase distractions as well so that you are just focused on the thing that you want.

Those are just some of the things that you could do with your mind to bring out the best in you. Each trick, be it mind power goal seeding or contemplation, is specially-created to help you in one aspect of life. However, it would be best if you could combine them and apply them in your everyday endeavor. Also, remember that improving your life is not just based on the concept of these tricks alone; you must also practice them regularly until they become part of your habits.

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