Let’s see Five SEO Predictions For 2020


Though no one knowing with full certainty what the global of inorganic search has in store in the upcoming year, there are hints SEOs pick upon. Few of these detect are founded on topics that keeping originate in the SEO space (see BERT), and some others can be founded on intuition and looking at tendency across the market and not just search. Here is my bold prediction for 2020.

Prediction 1: Google and JavaScript

While this will assist with many of our SEO situations of trying to assist build beauteous websites that can be stucco and decently indexed by crawlers, it will hopefully push the industry into the ways of understanding the back-end a small more. Frequently, there is a line in the sand abstracted SEO high-grade practices and back-end improvement that is finally responsible for implementation. Once Google cleans its quality to crawl and render JavaScript sites (again, likely not in 2020), SEO will necessity to become more well-versed in the language. While no one will expect an SEO agency to ship code anytime soon, saying JS is ever bad for SEO will no thirster cut it.

Once Google cleans its ability to crawl and render JavaScript sites SEOs will necessity to become more well-versed in the language. 

Prediction 2: More YMYL Industry Shakeups

I also accept the trend of content quality marks algorithmic modifies will continue. There are still many YMYL industries that don’t deliver when it comes to expertise on their pages. It is difficult to predict where the next wheel spin by Google will stop, but I would expect at least one serious update in 2020 that will trigger flashbacks of the “Medic” update and will worry many site owners that were not proactively developing their sites in the past 2 years. I would keep my ear to the ground when it comes to leading algorithmic updates. This leads to my last prediction trussed to industry-special updates.

Prediction 3: The End of Fake News

With the upcoming 2020 election, I expect a few Kinds of action against misinformation. With some heats coming in the direction of Google from the presidential campaigner, a few kinds of responses would make sense. As Google’s generality of the US market prevails, laws must begin catching up. Selection has already proved to be a litmus test of how we poorly police online activity in 2016. 

Prediction 4: More 0 Click Result

The SERP will likely see continuing testing and possibly new characteristic that search for a special reply more seamless. Like recent “mortgage calculator” addition, many other new characteristics is likely in the works. With tons of schemes to leverage, we might see something beautiful cool (depending on how you look at it). As mentioned by Rand Fish kin in his latest SMX East presentation, the number of the 0-click results is on the rise. Check SERP SEO group buy tools

While for few it will spell disaster and lost traffic, others will discover chance in the exposure. Nevertheless, with API ever being on the forefront when customer are renewing (or ending) engagements with SEO agencies, the conversations may necessity to shift as the already hard challenge of measuring results could get even more complex.

The SERP will likely see continuing testing and perchance new characteristic like the recent “mortgage calculator” addition.

Prediction 5: User Data Property Rights

A conversation about user data ownership correct will start to pick up steam. With the topic heavily pushing by, a presidential hopeful, Yang, data as a property correct could be something the US legal system will be Addressed soon. After many egregious acts already surfacing (e.g. Facebook location tracking without user permission), people around the world will begin caring about their private and beginning to understanding the real value behind their data. People around the world will begin caring about their private and start to understand the real value behind their data.

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