Learn To Sell Anything Like Crazy With Facebook Slideshow Ads !

Social media is spreading and advancing like CRAZY, and we all have to admit, we speculated Facebook to be dead by the end of this decade. But, surprise! Facebook is, indeed, alive and thriving like never before. As you might infer, online vendors are very much into marketing on this platform- not only because of the number of potential viewers it has got but also the variety of advertising options that come along with it.

One such type is the Facebook slideshow ads. Though it may sound very basic, it is actually a boon for those marketers who cannot come up with video ads due to the lack of budget or time or both. In this article, we are going to talk about how Facebook slideshow ads help in getting maximum conversion and traffic. Before we begin with anything, let’s get to the basics.

What Are Facebook Slideshow Ads? 

These are video-like ads that show a series of still images one by one along with sound and text in a way that they create the illusion of motion. So you get to create the impact of a video ad without the budget or amenities that you require for it.

Why Do These Ads Work? 

Slideshow ads use less data than any routine video ad for loading. Plus, their creation costs way less money and amenities. They are more like stop motion animation, so they are very effective in showcasing brand stories in an artistic way, which is one of the recent advertising trends. All these factors point to the fact that slideshows appeal to the viewers more than any single picture ads, and manage to create the impact of a video ad, as mentioned earlier. 

How To Make Them Work? 

Okay so now as you have a good idea regarding what Facebook Slideshow ads are and how they work, I am going to tell you about the best way to set up your slideshow ads to earn the most out of them:

1. Never Forget To Storyboard 

Why get out of your home without an umbrella on a rainy day? Just like everything else on your marketing list, you need to have a plan for your slideshows too. Sit down with your team, come up with the best way to narrate your visual story, and arrange the order in which you will display the pictures. Be in the shoes of your viewers and see if your story makes sense- will the audience be impressed? Make necessary changes and come up with the best version of your ads.

2. Set Up Your Target Audience

Instead of reaching out to every random person scrolling through their feed, focus your time, energy, and effort into the set of audience who are more likely to convert. It will not only cut the cost but will also ensure that you get maximum conversions in the least possible time. Target your audience based on your niche, geolocation, age group, etc. and make sure you reach them at the time of the day when they are the most active. Plan your budget and act accordingly.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors 

Know where you stand in the online market by keeping a check on how your competitors’ ads are doing. Understand their strategies and implement them in your ads. There are various tools available in the market, like PowerAdSpy, AdPlexity, AdEspresso, Anstrex, etc. that assist in spying your competitors’ ads. Look at their audience reach in every niche and geolocation, compare the number of clicks that they get in them, and try to implement similar strategies for your ads too. 

4. Stand Out Bright and Bold 

Always come up with bright and contrasting colors, interesting graphics, a large variety of products for display, and everything else that catches maximum eyeballs. Insert overlay texts on your slides- use slogans, catchy phrases, offers, coupon codes, discounts, etc. to lure the audience into reading your whole post. Never let your ads be just another Facebook post that the viewers scroll down, make them stay longer with you. 

5. Tell a Story 

This one might sound cliche but is actually works- narrating a story to your customers about your products. The reason behind this approach is that your Facebook slideshow ads look more interesting and your audience feel more engaged while reading them. As a result, they go through your entire advertisement and are more likely to get interested in your products and services. 

Make The Best Slideshow Ads! 

Whether you are willing to go for video ads and are out of your budget, or you are a solopreneur getting started with Facebook advertising, slideshow ads are, indeed, a boon for you when utilized the right way. Above I have mentioned five simple steps that you need to follow to get the maximum audience and conversions on your ads. 

Is there anything that I missed? Do you have any queries? Ask me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! 

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