Last Minute Preparation Tips for JEE Main!

Clearing JEE Mains needs a lot of commitment from the students’ who are planning to appear for it. Exams around the corner, they will need a well-structured plan for revision. Students will be in a dilemma on how to make the best use of the remaining time left and clear JEE Main 2020 exam in the first attempt. The last couple of months before the exam is very crucial for the preparation of JEE Main. Students need to be positive and confident with the process that they are following in their preparation. 

Top ways to be positive before the exam

  • Self-motivation

By regular practice, students can build-up a shield to the brain which makes them work faster than regular. If students get stuck in the middle while solving any question, then, they have to learn the topic thoroughly to understand the concept and solve the problem. In this way, they don’t feel demotivated. 

Certain times, students give up because they are not able to understand one particular concept. At that point, they have to remind themselves that all of them who are preparing for JEE are going through the same situation. Do not quit at this point, they have to understand where the problem is and then focus on rectifying it and then moving forward.  

  • Learn from your mistakes

Humans tend to make mistakes and from each mistake, there will be a lot to learn. Stop regretting what has happened and try to accept it and keep moving ahead. Ignoring mistakes doesn’t help in any way, keep in mind that, do not fall into the same mistake again. Pick up, dust up and continue with the flow.  

  • Image a better and bigger picture

Never put yourself down, especially when you are preparing for the competitive exams like IIT JEE. There comes a moment that you get irritated by looking at the vast syllabus and topics which are difficult. This is the moment where you should start thinking about a bigger picture of yourself in your mind. If you get selected in one of your dream institutes like IIT or NIT, consider yourself in a position after a couple of years where you get into a good MNC with a hefty package and make your parents proud of what you are. 

  • Set goals and reward yourself

Set a daily goal, there might be few topics which you could finish faster and move with the new ones or maybe you could take more time on fewer topics and which gets postponed to the next day. When you finish your goal for the day, reward yourself for what you have achieved. This brings a huge difference and puts you on a positive note. By doing this you are kind of pushing yourself into a positive zone and making up your mind of the hard tasks which are yet to come on your way. A reward could be ice cream or refreshing yourself with the latest video game which brings you joy. In case, if you have not reached your daily goal, that is totally fine. Do not be on a negative thought, reward yourself for how much you have achieved. Start your day with a fresh mind, and your ultimate goal should be achieving good marks in the final exams.  

  • Positive Self-Assertion

Always think positively, and make sure you’re not getting any negative thoughts into the mind. Staying positive increases the good spirits and pushes you towards the goal. This increases your will power to achieve your goals and motivates you through the tough times. 

Find your weaker areas and work over them. You will be the best person to know about yourself. Once you understand your weaker area, things become easier for you to deal with. Be prepared for what you will be facing in the exam and move towards it with positive hope. 

  • Self-analysis: 

By solving questions regularly, you can analyze your own preparation for the exam. You make mistakes and you tend to learn from it but, make sure you are not repeating the same mistake again. Self-analysis helps in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. 


Students need to be more focused on Vedantu JEE Main 2020 question paper for the exam preparation. They shouldn’t lose their hope and keep a regular check on what they are preparing. They must focus on major points without missing anything. The self-analysis makes a huge difference in the student’s mindset. Staying positive throughout the preparation and while giving the exam is the major key to success.

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