Israel launches cybersecurity social network ‘Cybernet’

(IANS) Israel has launched a cybersecurity social network to share cyber-attacks information in order to protect companies and other organizations, the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) has announced.

According to the INCD, the new network, named Cybernet, is the “first of its kind in the world,” aiming to securely and reliably share cyber-attack reports in order to deal with them as they start.

The network was set up by the INCD in collaboration with Israel’s leading companies and organizations, as well as the local and international cyber community, the Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday.

Cybernet includes about 1,000 cyber professionals such as analysts, researchers, and information security managers.

The new network is built like a social network, where every user has a personal profile and can post information, even anonymously.

The user can also get information to get a current snapshot of attacks in his sector and in Israel in general.

The information shared also helps members check if an attack has reached their organization, and what can be done to stop it as early as possible.

The network allows viewing reports and alerts, receiving updates on major world events, attending internal chat and discussion groups, obtaining a relevant snapshot of weaknesses and recent alerts, viewing an organization’s event handling report and more.

The reports are being transferred to Israel’s INCD’s Computer Emergency Response Center in the southern city of Beer Sheva, and from there to the relevant companies.

According to the INCD, “An attack that started at a particular bank, for example, will soon meet other banks in Israel and worldwide. Sharing the information about an attack at it starts helps to prepare on time.”

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