Interview of two gems of Sanatan Dharma, Krishnaditya and Shashank

Propagating the values of Bhagvad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata, this duo, Krishnaditya and Shashank are a real blessing to Indian classical music.

I got a chance to interview them for our nykdaily and it was a treat talking to them.

Here is how the interview went:

How was your childhood and your entire journey as a teenager to young adult?

My childhood was spent with music and books. I was really interested in Nature which inspired me to delve deeper into the roots of our culture. I regularly used to visit local libraries and spend hours there. Since my mother had a keen interest in Music, I was taught Indian Classical Music from a very young age. I loved epics like Shri Ramayana, Mahabharata. We were, and are still awestruck by the poetic beauty of the verses in those epics. While growing up, music and poetry became my identity and I chose them as a means to express myself. I used to write poetry and my mother being my best critic helped me improve my writing abilities. Even though I studied in an English Medium School, I had a special inclination towards Telugu which has made me what I am today. I have composed over 2000 songs (Sankirtanas) on various Gods and Goddesses, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna being my favourites. I have done MTech in VLSI System Design and got immediate placement in HCL Technologies in Bangalore. 

How was your corporate working experience?

Initially, it felt quite amazing but after a while it became monotonous. Moreover, I had to completely sacrifice my passion for singing due to lack of time. Gradually, I realised that it was not my cup of tea to be a part of this rat race. Not caring about the society, I decided to follow my passion. I refreshed my beautiful childhood memories and starting reading Shri Ramayanam and Bhagvatam again. That was when my quest for entitlement began. My life took a different turn when I heard a lecture series on Shrimad Bhagvatam. It made me completely dedicate myself to the service of Shri Rama Chandra Murthy. Since then me and my brother started travelling extensively to spread the real message of our epics and the essence of our rich culture. Many people recognise Vsas Labhinava Lavakusha for singing Rama Katha rather than Kambhampat Brothers’ which comes from our surname. By now, we have organised at least 500 concerts and/ or lectures.

Who is your inspiration?

I have been deeply inspired by freedom fighters and great saints of yesteryears who had completely dedicated themselves to the services of Bharat Mata, Dasva vimukti and the wellbeing of the society. In recent times, our only inspiration is Brahma Shri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma Gurudev Guru who has dedicated his life to propagating Santan Dharma. We consider him our mentor and philosopher. His lectures on Dharma and Vedas inspires us a lot and gives us the push to continue our journey on this path, which is comparatively less taken. Yet we are very happy and content with what we are today.

What are your plans towards getting youngsters back to their roots?

We have devised interactive programs for this purpose where we inculcate our values into their minds in a playful way. We also wish to take up these sessions on a large scale. Wherever we go to deliver a lecture, we encourage more and more children to come and listen. We take quotes from Ramayana and other epics as an example. During this process of delivering lectures, we have not only inspired children but elders too. To bring them back to their roots, our only motto is “Flow with time but do not sacrifice your ethics and values.”Our great Rishis have given us great knowledge of Vedas through stories (Puranas). Our mission is to propagate and convey their message. We are only being instrumental to their plans. We still consider ourselves as students to the Great Guru Parampara. 

What difficulties did you face in your journey?

We did not face much difficulties due to the continuous support of our parents and Gurus. We completely utilised every opportunity given to us. We realised that learning is a continuous process. We compulsorily dedicate our time to read Shashtras and practice music on a regular basis. The love and affection we receive is overwhelming.

How and why did you choose Ramayana?

I completely believe that Lord Rama has chosen me for this divine mission of making people realise the greatness of our own culture. The Tyagaraja Rithis, I heard during childhood,developed in me a sense of love towards Shri Rama Katha and Shri Rama Chandra Murthy. I believe that Ramayana is the pulse of every Indian. The values taught in Ramayana guide us to lead a happy and successful life. Most importantly, Ramayana teaches us that success lies in character. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Me and my brother want to continue our efforts of instilling values in the minds of younger generation. We are here on a mission to spread the fragrance of Ramayanam and Bhagvatam. We shall continue doing the same till our last breath. We aspire more and more people to realise the greatness of our Dharma and connect back to their roots – this is our only wish.

What is your message for the working class especially people above 30s?

Our one and only message would be “Respect our heritage, realise the greatness of our Rishis. Strive for character, success will follow your way.”

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