How To Write a Brief if You Are An Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for partnerships, funding, and new clients, among other factors. The search requires a lot of writing, an exercise that will determine your level of success. Entrepreneurs are required to be excellent writers so that their ideas and requests can be understood easily. It`s not as difficult as  writing an accounting essay, for example.  

An entrepreneur’s brief provides a preview of the idea being proposed and your expectations from the recipient. It requires incredible precision because the choice of words and reception you get will determine the kind of response you get. The following tips will help you to write the best brief as an entrepreneur and achieve target goals. 

  • Address The Recipient

The brief is written to potential partners, financiers, and associates, among other parties. The recipient has a name, title, designation, and such other identifiers. The role of two recipients cannot be similar. The brief should, therefore, be specific on the expectations of the recipient. 

There are vocabularies used by different industries. The vocabularies make it easy to identify with the message in brief. In the absence of these words, your message will not get home. Addressing the recipients in person also endears them to you and the message. Call them by name, use their titles, appreciate their work, and generally make it easy for them to identify with your message. 

  • Make Specific Requests

The brief should capture the specific request you are making to the recipient. Do you want money, technical assistance, incubation, networking opportunity, or what do you seek to achieve? It should not be left to the recipient to decide or decode what you are looking for in a letter. Such a letter or brief would be open to multiple interpretations. 

The request must come with justification. It acts as a hook or enticement so that the recipient buys your idea. Without a hook, the recipient will not be interested in your request. A recipient only acts upon a request if there are benefits attached to the request. 

  • Show Your Capability And Potential

Entrepreneurs have excellent ideas, but these ideas have to be translated into money. The brief should indicate an idea with great potential for success. No one will buy your product or idea if he or she does not see the potential. Use the least words possible to indicate the potential of your product or idea. 

The reader or recipient will also be interested in seeing your capability to deliver. Indicate your experience in the field, the early success of the idea, and the results of trials. It is this capability that will convince an investor to put his or her money. 

  • Do Not Reveal Everything

A ‘brief’ suggests that you are giving a hint of what is to be contained in the overall idea or the bigger document. The time dedicated to a brief is also limited, meaning that the reader does not expect all details in your brief. Choose the most important information, especially one that arouses curiosity. If too much information is included in the brief, you might miss the chance to elaborate on the idea. Unfortunately, the text does not explain better than a presentation. It causes you to lose a chance for one-on-one engagement.

  • Indicate Your Contribution

Avoid being a dependant. Show that you are bringing something to the partnership. It happens by including the wins you have already made using the idea. The partners should not be coming in to help you start. You must have made progress such that other partners are coming to push you to the next level. 

A brief must indicate only the important elements of your idea such that the reader will want to hear more. Use words that will endear you to the reader and plead your case. The words and style of writing will create the connection you are looking for in brief.

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Arushi Sana is the Founder of Santerra Living and Co-Founder of NYK Daily. She was awarded the Times Power Women of the Year 2022 and Times Digital Entrepreneur of the Year 2023. Arushi is also a Sustainability Consultant for organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and also works with brands on social media to help them carve a presence in that niche. She holds a Degree in Computer Science Engineering from VIT University and a Diploma in Marketing Analytics from IIM Nagpur. Her interest in Sustainable Living and Interior Design led her to start a Sustainable e-Marketplace where customers can buy eco-furniture and eco-friendly products for everyday use. Arushi is a writer, political researcher, a social worker, a farmer and a singer with an interest in languages. Travel and nature are the biggest spiritual getaways for her, and she aims to develop a global community of knowledge and journalism par excellence through this News Platform.

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