How to Choose a Website Name?


So, you’re starting an online business. Congratulations! But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably not yet ready to purchase a domain yet, because your website needs… a name.  

No worries, though; in this article you’ll find a plethora of tips that will help you to choose a name that can bring you customers.  

#1: Keep it short. For instance, if you’re selling canes for seniors, don’t go and call yourself, because that’s a pain to type out. Rather, call yourself, or 

#2: Make it easy to spell. If it’s complicated to spell, people can get annoyed, or lose patience after they can’t get it right in one try. Never use two of the same letters in a row, because that can get very confusing. (Imagine It just seems way too complicated to potential consumers.) Don’t spell it cutely, because that makes it even more confusing.  

#3:  Make sure its pronunciable. Givenchy may be a famous brand, but can you even pronounce it? There’s no point in getting on people’s nerves like that.  

#4:Check that the name you want is available on social media platforms. It can be a bit discombobulating if after you set up your site, when you’re finally ready to branch out onto social media, you find out that the name you already chose isn’t available on instagram or facebook. 

#5: Include a keyword you’d like to rank for. For example, if you’ll be selling wedding shoes for brides, you might want to name your site If you’ll be selling energy drinks for sports players, a name like might do your site a world of good, and in a few years, if you keep your site optimized, you’ll probably be ranking for that keyword.  

#6: Use the right extension. Ecommerce sites generally do best when they end with .com. They are companies, after all. And there’s no denying that it’s much easier to remember .com than .pizza or .xyz. 

#7: Don’t use numbers or mind-straining abbreviations. They get people all mixed up: Is it Tea 4 U, T4U, or Tea for You? Keep it as simple as you can. 

#8: Choose a Domain Name that is able to be trademarked. This is easy, and can prevent problems from cropping up in the future.  

These eight tips are all important to keep in mind when choosing a name for your online business. They can help you to decide on a name that not only sounds nice, but can also add value to your business.  

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