How NetBase Can Apply AI To Assist In Social Media Analytics

In today’s increasingly competitive business world, more and more companies are turning to social media analytics as a means to assess not only their own success, but also what customers are thinking and doing in regards to various products and services. With various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram having millions of people using them at any given time, tremendous amounts of data can be gathered and analyzed to determine various business strategies. Since the use of this data can ultimately mean the success or failure of a business, having a greater understanding of the many functions of analytics is crucial. To reach many of their goals in numerous areas, more and more companies are turning to NetBase.

Artificial Intelligence

If there is one area of social media analytics that is allowing companies to make tremendous strides in terms of business strategy, it is the use of artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI. Since social media allows users to instantly share feedback on virtually anything, AI can be used within social media analytics to closely examine such areas as consumer behavior, trending topics, and consumer preferences. In using sophisticated language analysis techniques, AI can understand human language on many levels and analyze each sentence for emotions, behavior, attributes, and many other areas.

Millions of Social Media Sources

As companies begin to understand the various nuances of social media analytics, one of the biggest benefits they encounter is the ability to use those analytical tools to scan customer behaviors and attitudes on millions of social media sites worldwide. In doing so, it becomes possible to examine how various blogs, forums, and other areas of social media can affect brand opinion. Along with this, analytics can be used to help a business stay in touch with the latest and most popular emojis and language used by consumers, providing even more insight. Advertisements is also an area that is being explored by social media platforms and users. It’s a tricky domain and if you don’t have any success with ads, you can also use an auto liker as touted in this article by Bumped.

Real-Time Strategy Adjustments

While business strategies often mean the difference between success and failure, it is crucial companies be able to have the flexibility needed to adjust their strategies as quickly as possible. By using social media analytics, it becomes possible to do just this. In being able to compare different types of content such as owned or earned, companies can identify content that is most relevant and engaging, then adjust their online strategies in real-time to gain advantages in social conversations. As a result, it becomes far easier to see just how owned, earned, and partnered content is impacting a company’s performance.

Visual Brand Analytics

In case you didn’t know, more than 3 billion images are shared on social media each day. In using analytics, it becomes possible to know each time your company’s brand appears in an online image, track sponsorship Return on Investment (ROI), and monitor potential risks should your company’s visual images be used inappropriately. By knowing how you and your company are portrayed online visually, you will have a better idea of how strategies can be used to maximize your branding potential.

About NetBase

Recognized as the industry leader in social media analytics, NetBase is poised to help companies change the way they do business in today’s global economy. Working with companies in almost 100 countries around the world, the company helps in analyzing data that can be crucial in such areas as brand and digital marketing, customer service, product management, and even public relations. Now widely used in such industries as financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, food and beverage, and many more, NetBase is relied upon more and more to help companies gain the insights needed for future success.

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